Spot these S’Albufera wildlife around the Club MAC lakes!

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The Club MAC resort’s enviable location on the beautiful sandy beach of Alcudia is a top draw for families on holiday. Our guests enjoy the sun and the sea and the proximity to nature while they are staying with us but are often taken by surprise when they encounter the unique flora and fauna native to this corner of the Mediterranean.

Most of Majorca has been declared a natural conservation zone (only 2.036,23 Ha) and nature’s reign continues along the bay of Alcudia, where the Natural Park of Albufera de Mallorca is located. This is the largest wetland in the Balearic Islands. The land all around Club MAC is part of S’Albufera and the resort itself is built around two natural lakes that form part of the wetland area. Naturally, the abundant flora and fauna of the wetland spills into Club MAC’s surroundings and can be glimpsed in and around the main lakes.


Majorca is known for its birdlife. Which birds can I spot?

With more than 270 identified species, the birdlife of S’Albufera is especially remarkable. The diversity attracts ornithologists from the world over to Majorca to seek out rare birds like Montagu’s harriers, the long-eared owl, stonechats, moustached warblers, the marsh harrier, the peregrine falcon, and kestrels. Some of these are at home in the wetland all year round, while some are migratory guests.

You might chance across both kinds in and around the lakes at Club MAC if you are holidaying with us in the summer. Among sedentary birds, ducks and other water birds can be sighted all the time. The mallard duck, the white-headed duck, the coot, the moorhen, the cattle egret, the water rail, and the yellow-legged gull are native to the area. Among migratory visitors, you can spot different varieties of herons, egrets, gulls, storks, plovers, and sandpipers.

Local birdlife goes beyond marine and coastal species. There are also songbirds, forest birds, mountain and urban birds – think rock swallows, song thrushes, European starlings, sparrows and robins. In fact, visiting Alcudia and not seeing birds everywhere is nearly impossible, given their great diversity.


Will I be able to see any wildlife other than birds?

There’s more variety to the Alcudian fauna than the hundreds of avian species that flock to the area. For example, the lakes are filled with fish. There are dozens of species recorded in the S’Albufera region – such as the European eel, mullet, black goby, bleak, and carp – of which some can be found in the Club MAC lakes. Our little guests, chaperoned around the lakes by their families, love to watch the schools of fish swimming around under the clear waters. They are equally delighted at the sight of the slightly bigger animals – whether it is the Perez’s frog or the European pond turtle.

Thanks to the proximity of the wetland reserve, water snakes are not uncommon either, but like most species, they will keep to themselves and stay out of your way.


While spending a few hours by the lakes is a good way to spot some of this wildlife, you can also visit the S’Albufera natural park all year round via the entrance road between Platja d’Alcudia and Playa de Muro. But if wildlife spotting is not up your alley, worry not – we have many other adventurous activities for you to try on your next family holiday at Club MAC!

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