Activities to Do in Majorca for Adventurous Family Holidays

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What is there at Club MAC for babies and toddlers?

If you are looking for activities to do in Majorca for an adventurous family holiday, then look no further. We share with you some of the more exciting activities to do in Alcudia and beyond.

Of course, holidays are for escaping the mundane and enjoying some relaxation, but they’re also for letting loose and having fun. After all, this is why a holiday in America is called a vacation, because you vacate your everyday life for fun in the sun.

Majorca has long been a destination for those who like to spend time outdoors and take part in activities. Family holidays are for making memories that you can cherish for a lifetime, and a holiday filled with excitement and adventure will certainly help you all do that.

What activities can I do in Majorca?


Hiking is a much loved pastime in Majorca, and there are some incredible places right in the heart of Alcudia where Club MAC is located. There are easy, moderate and challenging hikes for every level of fitness and age to try. Some walks can be enjoyed on your own. In contrast, others would be best enjoyed using a guide with specialist knowledge of the terrain and environment and better suited to families with older children or teenagers.

You could try the following in Alcudia:

All of these walks can be taken at your own pace (or the pace of the little ones), feature places to rest and can all be under 3 hours.

  • Alcudia Coastal Walk – This is an easy walk that takes up to 3 hours, depending on how many times you stop for a cool drink or a swim in the sea. Ideally, for an active day out with the little ones.
  • Puig de Sant Martí Walk – This walk is perfectly located just behind Club MAC hotel. The walk is enjoyed by families every year with children of all ages, and the views from the top are spectacular.
  • Alcudia Old Town Walk – If you’re looking for an accessible walk, then this is the perfect one. It’s the ideal way to see Alcudia Old Town whilst soaking up the sights and culture.

Tips for a successful walk:

  • Go prepared – Water, snacks, sun cream, hat, plasters, wet wipes!
  • Follow a route – Club MAC or the local tourist office can help here
  • Plan for regular rest, refreshment and play stops
  • Check the weather for that day and wear appropriate footwear
  • Make it fun, educational and make sure you ‘leave no trace


Snorkelling can be enjoyed by every member of the family who can swim. The safe, crystal clear waters and sheltered rocky bays provide the ideal environment for avid snorkellers. There’s so much to see along the coastline in Alcudia, and it provides a wonderful pastime for the whole family to do something together that’s fun and educational. Snorkelling is probably one of the most accessible and family friendly activities you can do on your family holiday.


A relatively new activity and somewhat related to snorkelling is Coasteering. This activity is best enjoyed by families with children over a certain age and ideally by a guide to ensure safety and expert knowledge is used. Coasteering involves exploring the rugged coastline by way of scrambling, climbing, swimming, snorkelling and leaping. This is a fun way to experience Majorca and all the coastal treasures it has to offer.


Cycling is another family friendly activity to do in Majorca. In fact, many people choose to holiday in Majorca because it is such a wonderful place to experience this activity. This is why many of the pro-cycling teams use Majorca as a base for their cycle training. So, what are you waiting for? Hire some bikes and get exploring this Majorcan island paradise by cycling its many wonderful routes.

Other fun activities that the whole family can enjoy include rock climbing, watersports, sailing, cave exploring, diving and, of course, there’s free entry to the Hidropark for all residents who are enjoying their family holiday at Club Mac.


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