Six things to do in Alcudia’s historic Old Town

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Club MAC Majorca

Club MAC’s enviable location near the sandy beaches of Alcudia is a top draw with our visitors. The Balearic island offers the best of the Mediterranean, from exquisite vistas of sunny seas and rugged mountains to the old-world charm of medieval remains and picturesque villages.

We encourage our guests to explore the nearby attractions when they are not sunbathing by the Club MAC pools or enjoying one of the entertainment options at the resort. The historic Old Town of Alcudia comes highly recommended and is a definite must-see in Majorca.


When at Club MAC, take a day trip to Alcudia’s historic Old Town

The Mediterranean area was overrun by pirates in the 16th century, who frequently raided the villages close to the coast. The inhabitants were forced to move further inland to protect and defend themselves. The fishermen had their boats and some small houses close to the coast, which later became the port area, but they lived safely within the sturdy walls of old Alcudia away from the coast.

With the boom in tourism during the sixties, hotels and resorts were built along the coast, and since then the Port d’Alcúdia has emerged as a popular tourist area. But the historic Old Town of Alcudia, with its medieval walls and quaint plazas, retains a quiet charm and character that you should check out during your next holiday at Club MAC.


Our recommendations of things to do in Alcudia’s Old Town


Visit the Roman ruins

Alcudia’s Roman heritage lives on in the captivating remains of Pollèntia on the fringes of the town. Founded in 123 BCE, the island’s prime Roman settlement was also the beginning of all urban life in Majorca. The three main areas open to the public are the Roman Theatre, the Forum or city square, and the residential La Portella neighbourhood. Round off your visit to this archaeological site with a visit to the Museu Monogràfic de Pollèntia where the exhibition of objects excavated from the ruins offers a glimpse into the culture and knowledge of the past.


Walk the old city walls

King Jaume II built a defensive system of city walls around the town in the 14th century as a precaution against external attacks. The reinforced square structure has an average height of 6m and a perimeter of 1.5 km with 26 towers distributed along the way. There is also a moat that has survived the passage of time. Along with the ruins of Pollèntia, the walls were declared an official Artistic Historical Site in 1974.

The walk is easy once you’re at the top and takes no more than an hour. It offers fantastic views of the old town and the Bay of Pollensa. There is no entrance fee. We suggest starting at the Porta del Moll o de Xara, the gate connecting Alcudia to the harbour, and then taking the Cami de Ronda passageway.


Shop at the weekly markets

Local markets are a weekly fixture in the villages of Majorca. In Alcudia’s Old Town, the market area is by the Porta del Moll o de Xara tower and is open on Tuesdays and Sundays. This is a great way to enjoy the local culture and support the local farmers and craftsmen. During the tourist season, the market spills out into the neighbouring streets and spreads out along the walls. You can browse, bargain, and buy anything from locally produced fruit and vegetables to leather articles and souvenirs.

Right behind is the main street of Old Town Alcudia, known as the Carrer Major, which passes the main square and is dotted with plenty of other interesting shops.


Visit the Church of Sant Jaume

A walk through the winding medieval streets will bring you to the beautiful Church of Sant Jaume. The original structure was built in the 14th century in the time of King James II. It collapsed in 1870, and the existing neo-gothic structure in its place was built soon thereafter.  The church consists of a single nave covered by ribbed vaults with circular keystones and vegetal motifs. Natural lighting filters in through thirteen picture windows and a big rose window. The austere front of the impressive building ends in a pointed arch with the image of Saint James.


Stop by for some delightful tapas

Although Club MAC Majorca spoils you for choice with all-you-can-eat buffet breakfasts and buffet-style themed dinners, Alcudia is a great place for dining out as well. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants spread across the old town, which offer a wide selection of local and international cuisines. There are places here offering fine dining experiences, restaurants with sea views, tapas bars, bistros, and even BBQ joints. We recommend the Mallorcan tapas pa amb oli at Can Polit Tapas, Galician beef at Pipper’s, and paella at S´alhambra.

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