Meet the Evans Family, Who Return Year after Year to Club MAC

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Club Mac- Families

In the stunning seaside town of Alcudia, Majorca, lies Club MAC, a family resort that has made its way into the hearts of countless families who have spent their summer holidays here. Over the years, many of them have become regular guests of the resort and are now part of the extended Club MAC family.

The Evanses are one such family, spanning generations, who return to Club MAC year after year in a bid to make their holidays memorable. What are the attractions and experiences that Club MAC offers, which draw the Evans family and others like them, back to the resort time and time again?

A family tradition that fosters togetherness

The affection that the Evans family have developed towards Club MAC spans generations. Over the years, summer holiday at Club MAC has turned into a family tradition, and their adventure of enriching the repository of Club MAC memories shared by the family is ongoing.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere

The moment they step foot on the grounds, Club MAC guests find themselves enveloped by a warm and embracing atmosphere, like coming home to an extended family. The resort’s commitment to making every guest’s stay enjoyable within a family-oriented environment ensures that each member, regardless of age, finds their own piece of paradise. It heightens the sense of comfort and hospitality that the Evans family experiences at Club MAC every time.

A plethora of activities for all ages

Another thing that the Evans family inevitably look forward to is the exceptional team at Club MAC. Infusing every day with energy and enthusiasm, the staff possesses a unique talent for engaging guests of all ages. From learning activities and a kids’ club for little ones to sports facilities and market stalls for older guests, the kaleidoscope of exciting games and recreational activities create many opportunities for families to enjoy themselves to the hilt and leave wanting for more.

Diverse fun and entertainment choices

Club MAC guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to day and evening entertainment. From tribute bands to stage shows to live music, the resort’s calendar of events caters to the eclectic interests of all family members. Frequent guests like the Evanses return time and again for the enjoyment and entertainment they associate with Club MAC and often find new reasons to be delighted, such as the recent addition of a magical toy store show.

A haven for culinary dreams

A culinary odyssey awaits the guests at Club MAC. The three restaurants at the restaurant offer a wide array of delectable dishes, showcasing both local delicacies and international delights. There are themed dinners for the adventurous, and kids’ menus for families with tiny tots. The Evans family enjoy the all-inclusive meals, snacks, as well as beverages at the bars.

Spotless and pristine premises

The Evans family values the resort’s commitment to cleanliness. The high standards of upkeep and maintenance as well as the immaculate environment contribute to raising the comfort level of guests. The family is able to relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about safety and hygiene.

Proximity to pools and beaches

Club MAC offers a unique combination of lake, pools, and beach access to its guests.  The Evanses love to relax and sunbathe near the main lake or at any of the pools. The lake is part of the area’s wetland system and offers pedalo rides for the entire family. A separate splash pool for children ensures no one feels left out of the fun. The resort’s proximity to the sun-kissed beach allows quick access to the Mediterranean’s crystal-clear waters.

For the Evans family and other regular guests of Club MAC, the resort is more than a typical vacation destination. It is a summer home away from home, with a variety of resort facilities and activities that make it worthwhile to return to Alcudia time and time again. It is the ideal choice for guests who value familiarity and seek to create cherished vacation memories with their loved ones.

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