There’s a full range of medical services available at Club MAC to keep your holiday stress-free

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Club Mac

When planning a family holiday, safety and wellbeing are among the top priorities for any traveller. At Club MAC Alcudia, these concerns are taken seriously and met with the provision of a broad range of medical services available at the resort for guests when they need it.

We interviewed Dr. José Daniel Pérez Díaz, the resident physician at Club MAC, for better understanding of the resort’s medical facilities and how the staff handles health-related incidents during the high season.

For readers planning a summer holiday to Alcudia, the Club MAC commitment behind the resort’s medical services allows you to remain worry-free, knowing that your safety and health will be in capable hands.

Catering to demands of the season

During the high season at Club MAC, the influx of guests naturally leads to an increased demand for medical care. Dr. Pérez Díaz explains that the medical team is well-prepared to handle any situation that may arise. Comprised of trained professionals with ample experience in dealing with emergencies and urgent medical needs, the team ensures that guests receive prompt and effective care.

Delivering a proactive and swift response

The primary focus of the medical team at Club MAC is the safety and wellbeing of their guests. Dr. Pérez Díaz emphasizes that whenever a guest reports a health issue, regardless of its severity, the response is immediate. There is a private doctor on site during business hours and on call 24 hours a day.

The resort boasts of a well-equipped medical centre, enabling the team to perform comprehensive initial assessments and provide necessary treatments. Should the situation require specialized care, the team can promptly arrange transfers to nearby hospitals, ensuring guests receive the attention they need without delay.

A hospital-operated medical centre

The medical centre at Club MAC offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to guests’ medical needs. These services include primary care, first aid for minor injuries, treatment of common illnesses, medication administration, and general medical advice. The resort’s medical team works collaboratively with nearby ambulance services and hospitals to ensure a seamless and comprehensive healthcare network. The medical centre itself is run by Juaneda Hospitals, the first private hospital network of the Baleares.

A welcoming and friendly environment

Dr. Pérez Díaz expresses immense pride in being part of a well-trained medical team that prioritises guest safety and health above all else. At Club MAC, the focus is not only on delivering top-notch medical care but also on creating a welcoming and friendly environment. Guests can rest assured that their medical needs will be addressed with compassion and professionalism, allowing them to enjoy a worry-free holiday experience.

Club MAC sets the bar high when it comes to providing efficient medical services to its guests. Under the leadership of Dr. José Daniel Pérez Díaz, the resort’s medical team showcases an exceptional commitment to guest care. The team’s preparedness during the high season and at all times ensures that any health mishaps are attended to promptly and efficiently. The presence of a well-equipped inhouse medical centre and collaboration with nearby specialized services guarantee high-quality medical care and rapid response to guests’ needs.

Whether it’s a minor concern or a medical emergency, Club MAC is dedicated to ensuring that every guest’s holiday is truly unforgettable, for all the right reasons.

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