Travelling with babies – Club MAC tips to make it stress-free

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Club MAC holidays are for the entire family, and we are delighted to welcome guests of all ages and sizes to our resort, including your tiny tots. We understand travelling with babies can be stress-free, especially if it’s your first time or if you’re travelling to a new country – but trust us when we say that we have your back. Every year, our guests include many families with young children of various ages, and we strive to provide them all with a relaxing and enjoyable vacation experience. It helps that Alcudia is such a child-friendly holiday destination.


Our experience with young guests enables us to offer you some tips on how to travel stress-free with babies and how to make the most of your baby-onboard family holiday at Club MAC!


Flying abroad with your baby


There is no standard regulation on how old babies need to be before they can travel on flights. A few airlines may insist that your baby needs to be at least one or two weeks old, while the first 40 days is the traditional period of confinement many parents adhere to before taking their baby out. It’s best to check specific airline regulations before booking tickets, to be doubly sure. On British Airways, for instance, you can only book an infant ticket by contacting the airline. You will also need to get a passport and travel insurance coverage for your baby.


When travelling with babies by air, a baby sling can help keep your little one secure and your hands-free to deal with tickets, luggage, and money. A lightweight foldable stroller can be equally useful. Check with the airline for the infant allowance on must-have items.


Some long-haul flights may carry tinned baby food, but you should always bring your own unopened baby food as well as sterilised bottles, boiled water in a thermos, and other necessary equipment in your hand baggage. You should be able to carry milk and baby formula in bottles exceeding the liquid restrictions when you’re travelling with babies.


A good tip is to feed your baby on take-off and on landing, as swallowing will help ease any earache due to changes in pressure.


Staying at Club MAC with a baby


At Club MAC, we automatically provide cots with sheets in rooms with babies younger than two years – you needn’t ask. But do bring your baby’s favourite blanket and bedding, which can help them find familiarity and settle down in a new place. If you need a cot for a child over two, let us know before you arrive, and we’ll provide it in the room.


You can also ask for a plastic baby bath at the reception, subject to availability, in case you have a room with a shower.


Feeding your baby while at Club MAC

At Club MAC, we prepare homemade baby purees without added salt and only use 100% olive oil. These are batch-made and frozen ahead, so allow us plenty of time to defrost and heat them up for your little one. You can also heat up your choice of baby food in the microwaves at our restaurants and in the halls. We provide small plastic plates and cutlery as well as highchairs (think McDonald’s) for the comfort of our tiny guests.

Keep in mind that fresh milk is not readily available in Spain since everyone drinks UHT (ultra-high temperature processed) milk, but you can find a small section of fresh milk at the nearby Lidl and Eroski supermarkets.


Keeping your baby protected from the su

Babies younger than six months should be kept out of the direct sun and older babies up to a year old should have limited sun exposure. Keep your baby protected from the hot Spanish sun with hats, sunglasses, full-coverage cotton clothes, and sunshades for their stroller or pushchair. Use a water-resistant high-SPF sunscreen to protect against both UVA and UVB.


Other baby travel essentials to pack

You can rent or purchase all kinds of essentials at Club MAC, so you get to travel to Alcudia as lightly as possible, even with a baby. For example, if you need a power adaptor for your baby monitor, you can purchase it here.


If you are running low on baby supplies, you can pick up things like baby powder, wipes, and nappies at the on-site shop. There is also a chemist located nearby, but we recommend carrying a small first aid kit when you travel, with infant paracetamol, saline nose drops, teething gel, sticking plasters, and other baby medications, especially since you may need any of them on the incoming flight.


We look forward to welcoming you and your little ones at Club MAC!

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