How to have a relaxing holiday at Club MAC

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Chilling out at Club MAC Alcudia


Even those who like to be super-active on holiday need to kick back and relax at some point. Holidays at Club MAC Alcudia offer the perfect mix of activity and time to chill out.

We have plenty of sporting activities, excursions and things to do. But we also have everything you need for a laid-back holiday in the sun. May, September and October are usually a bit less crowded than the hottest months of July and August. But there are plenty of relaxing things to do throughout the summer.


Nine ways to have a relaxing holiday at Club MAC

We’ve put together eight tips for enjoying a relaxing holiday at Club MAC. Remember, we’re here to help with any information you need while you’re here too. Just head to Guest Services or Reception, and a member of the team will be happy to help.


1. Forgotten something? Don’t stress!

If you’ve just arrived and realised you’ve forgotten something, don’t worry. Not only do we have a well-stocked shop on site, there are also lots of shops nearby. You’ll find supermarkets, a chemist and souvenir shops just a short walk from the hotel entrance. The Club MAC shop stocks everything from snacks and sweets to inflatable and swimming costumes.


2. Take a break on your first day

After the packing and travelling is finally over, the last thing you want to do is feel pressured to jump into every activity going. Instead, take a break on the first day of the holiday. Find your way around, stock up on plenty of our all-inclusive food and drink and laze by the pool. It’s the best way to start your holiday.


3. Keep cool in the midday sun

All our rooms have air-conditioning so you can enjoy cooling off when the temperatures rise. It’s great for taking a break from the very hot sun in the middle of the day as well.


4. Ditch the digital devices

OK, so we don’t mean ditch your phones for the whole holiday. But take a few days away from checking emails and worrying about work. It’ll help you and the family switch off. When you do need to check something, don’t forget that there is WiFi available in all of our rooms included in the price, so you’ll be able to find what you need without extra charges.


5. Spend the day in the sun

Sunbathing is the ideal way to relax. Whether you prefer poolside or at the beach, it’s one our favourite ways to really chill out. Remember to stay in the shade during the hottest parts of the day, load up on sunscreen and drink plenty of water. With the right preparation, you can enjoy hours of blissed out sunbathing time at Club MAC.


6. Forget the diet – just for now!

Eating and drinking healthily is always a good idea – most of the time. When you’re on holiday, you can relax the rules a bit! We have three on-site restaurants serving food most of the day, as well as snack bars if you’re hungry in between. Our bars are loaded with plenty of choice, and if you are a Premium or Gold Band customer, you also have a choice of branded spirits. So, go on, order that cocktail and enjoy it while lazing by the pool – it’s your time to enjoy!


7. Get a massage in our wellness area

No matter how much you love being around people and enjoying the buzz of the resort, everyone needs some time out. We have a special relaxation area next to the main lake. This is an adults-only space where you can kick back and relax and sunbathe. There is also a beauty area where you can enjoy a relaxing massage.


8. Entertain the kids with our Mini and Maxi clubs

The key to a relaxing holiday for the whole family is to keep everyone happy. We have different activity programmes for all age groups from four years and up. Whether your little one wants to be a Princess for a Day or your older child wants to try out sporting activities, there is something for everyone. After all, happy kids mean relaxed parents!


9. Get some beach time

What could be more relaxing than a day stretched out on golden sand? Hop on our shuttle bus to Playa d’Alcudia and settle in for sunbathing, swimming, reading and enjoying family time.

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