What did you forget to pack for your holiday to Club MAC?

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Holidays are meant to be relaxing. It’s about making memories, relaxing with the family and enjoying time away from everyday life. At Club MAC Alcudia, we provide everything families need for a great holiday.


With eight swimming pools on site, free entry to the waterpark opposite the resort and fantastic all-inclusive food and drink, what more could you need? However, what you don’t want is to unpack on arrival and find you’ve forgotten something vital. Whether it’s mosquito repellent or a phone charger, forgetting to pack something can stress you out before you even start your holiday!


We’ve come up with some failsafe tips for packing for the whole family. Follow these and take the stress out of packing for your holiday!


Packing tips and tricks for your family holiday to Club MAC


  1. Make a list – two weeks before you go away, make a list of everything you need for your holiday. You will definitely have forgotten something, but you will have time to add to it before you pack.


  1. Take copies of paperwork – take copies of the holiday itinerary, including all flight details, the hotel address and your home address. Pack a copy in every piece of luggage. If the worst happens and your bag is lost on the way, this ensures you have more chance of being reunited with it.


  1. Pack as light as possible – it can be tempting to pack all kinds of extras ‘just in case’. However, this is just unnecessary weight for your luggage allowance, and the chances are you won’t use most of it. Take half of what you think you’ll need. For kids, pack whole outfits for as many days as you need, plus one for emergencies.


  1. Give the kids their own bag – give your children a backpack or small carry-on bag with toys and books to keep them occupied on the plane.


  1. Divide clothes across suitcases – rather than a suitcase for each person, divide everyone’s clothes across different bags. This way, if one suitcase is lost, everyone still has a change of clothing. It’s also a good idea to take a change of clothes in the carry-on bags, particularly if you’re travelling with young children.


  1. Pack medication in hand luggage – always keep medication in your carry-on bags, rather than in the hold. Unless you also pack a prescription, it can be very difficult to replace any lost medications while away.


  1. Take smaller bags – rather than cramming everything into one massive suitcase, pack across smaller bags. This will make it much easier to navigate the airport and onward journey.


  1. Don’t pack full-size toiletries – at Club MAC we provide shampoo in all rooms. If you want to bring your own, don’t pack full size bottles as it weighs your luggage down. Decant into small travel bottles and remember you can always buy more when you arrive.


  1. Pack a week before you fly – don’t leave it till the last minute to actually fill your suitcases. Use your list and tick everything off as you go. That way you won’t forget the vital soft toy or piece of kit that the family needs.


  1. Check the weight of your baggage – test out your bags and suitcases to make sure you and the children can manage them. Weigh your hold bags and measure your hand luggage so you know for sure you’re within the limits set by your airline.


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