What’s for lunch at Club MAC?

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Club MAC Gato Cake


Lunchtime at Club MAC Alcudia means more delicious food. If you skipped breakfast and it seems a long time until dinner, don’t worry! You can choose from a huge variety of options at our Jupiter and Marte restaurants.

If you don’t fancy a big meal, you can also grab a burger or salad at the Lake Burger Bar. Don’t forget that in between meals, you can access hot and cold snacks and endless soft ice cream at the bar areas. Here’s a brief rundown of every lunch menu from Monday to Sunday. For full listings, download the Club MAC app and click on the ‘Menu’ tab.


Monday lunch menu: Show cooking includes jacket potatoes, ham and cheese and chicken curry. Meat dishes include honey and rosemary pork chops and roast chicken, while veggie options include ratatouille vol-au-vent. Battered cod is the fish dish and the kid’s corner is packed with frankfurters, steamed potatoes, pasta Bolognese and much more. The Mediterranean corner has grilled chicken, stir-fried artichokes as well as many pizza and pasta dishes. Finish with our laden dessert table with baked apple and cream, bread and butter pudding or choose from an assortment of cakes and jellies.


Tuesday lunch menu: Kebabs and pitta bread are on the menu, along with vegetarian Hungarian stew, chicken pie, salmon supreme, the salad bar, a choice of pizza and pasta dishes, fish stew with potatoes, pork tenderloin with grilled peppers, side dishes of mixed veg and mushrooms, among others. The Kid’s corner has chicken cutlets, steamed fish, macaroni and cheese and the salad bar has plenty of leaves, crudités and cold meats to choose from. For pudding, you could have vanilla pudding, cookies and cream meringue or assorted fruit and yoghurts.


Wednesday lunch menu: Pizzas and pasta are on the menu, or a meat-free main of spinach lasagne if you prefer. Other meat dishes include meatballs in a tomato sauce and the fish is Swai in a red pepper sauce. The kid’s corner has pizza, burgers, nuggets and vegetables, while the salad bar offers a healthy choice. Desserts include pineapple cream, almond pudding, pears in wine and lots of cakes, jellies and ice cream.


Thursday lunch menu: Paella offers a taste of Spain today, as does Valencian rice and Mallorcan style fish. Veggie options include a baked vegetable casserole and scrambled eggs with mushrooms and asparagus. Meat dishes include steak, kidney and mushroom pie and pork in a mustard sauce. Over in the kid’s corner, they can choose pickled pork loin, frankfurters or chicken fingers among lots of other dishes. There is the usual pizza and pasta options, as well as side dishes and the salad bar. Desserts include chocolate pudding, strawberry and vanilla ice cream and fruit cocktail.


Friday lunch menu: In the Mediterranean corner today, you can try grilled rabbit or fish, along with lentil stew. The show cooking includes savoury crepes and vegetable dishes include couscous with green beans and veggie vol-au-vents. Meat dishes feature curried pork and roast chicken, and the fish is served in an almond sauce. The kid’s corner has a wide variety of their favourites, as does the pizza and pasta section, and the salad bar. Side dishes range from grilled courgettes to baby carrots and French fries. For pudding, try the strawberry crème caramel or mandarin and yoghurt compote.


Saturday lunch menu: Meat dishes feature roast chicken, chicken thighs in pisto (tomato, aubergine and onion) and grilled pork loin. The fish of the day is Saithe in a spinach sauce, and veggie options are leek gratin or bean stew. In the Mediterranean corner there is fish with boiled potatoes, grilled chicken breast and various stir fry dishes, while the pasta and pizza tables are laden with choice. Over in the kid’s corner, there is grilled fish, breaded pork loin, mashed potatoes and more. Side dishes include tomato gratin with garlic sauce, stir fried cauliflower and sliced carrots. For dessert, you can choose from a wide variety of cakes, ice cream, yogurts and fruit. Or choose the crème brulee with bananas and chocolate.


Sunday lunch menu: Sandwiches and baguettes are available today with a range of fillings. Vegetarian main dishes include cauliflower moussaka, and the meat dishes include pork and pineapple stew or grilled beef in tomato sauce. Children can enjoy grilled chicken breast, codfish fritters, pasta with tomato sauce, and a selection of meats and cheeses from the salad bar. Pizza and pasta are on offer, and the Mediterranean corner includes fired salmon, white bean stew and turkey with mushrooms. For dessert, choose from buttermilk custard, chocolate and whipped cream pudding, baked apples or from a range of cakes, biscuits, fruit and ice cream.


As you can see, no-one goes hungry at Club MAC Alcudia! You’re sure to find your favourites, or plenty of new dishes to try.

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