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Club MAC alcudia health and safety

Your health and enjoyment of your stay with us are our major priorities at Club MAC Alcudia. As well as all the work that goes into making sure there is plenty of entertainment to keep you going, we’re working hard behind the scenes on everything in the background.

So, when you decide to take a dip in one of our swimming pools or have a bite to eat at one of our restaurants, you can be sure that standards are high.

Swimming pool checks

We have eight swimming pools on site at Club MAC and every one of them is subject to rigorous cleaning and safety checks. For example, we have a team of 14 members of staff specially trained in water treatment and cleaning of pools.

Between them they take 18 daily readings to ensure the pools have sufficient chlorine and are clean. Every season, we spend an average of €69,000 making sure our swimming pools are up to standard.

If there is an accident that leads to a swimming pool being rendered unsafe, then it will be closed for between 2 and 8 hours in order for the chlorine and chemical levels to return the water to a safe level for swimming.

In the kitchen

A total of 159 temperature checks on the food we cook are taken every single day. We have dedicated members of staff within kitchen teams who make it their priority to ensure food is cooked to an excellent standard.

We have regular external audits and food analysis carried out by external bodies and spend around €17,000 per season on new technology to ensure everything is as clinically safe as possible. We also spend around €3,000 every year on disinfectants and train 60 restaurant staff, 60 kitchen staff, 30 bar staff and 13 management staff in the latest health and safety guidance.


There are 194 public toilet checks every day at Club MAC, and weekly meetings for our health & safety committee. Around 60 housekeeping staff are trained every year to meet our rigorous standards.

Our cleaning is so thorough that we go through an astonishing amount of equipment every year, including 27,000 vinyl gloves, 160 litres of sanitiser for surfaces, 825 litres of hand sanitiser and 5,345 litres of bleach!


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