Five ways to chill out at Club MAC

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At Club MAC Alcudia, we know that the perfect holiday means something different to everyone. Some families love being active for their whole stay, taking advantage of the sporting activities, fun games and waterpark visits as much as they can. Others prefer to take it a little slower, soak in the sights and enjoy lounging by the pool.

We have so much on offer on site at Club MAC that it’s difficult to become bored with the choice. But for those times when the activities feel a bit too hectic, or you’re looking for some ‘me’ time away from the kids and busy pool areas, we can also help you kick back and relax during your stay.

Here’s our five ways to take it easy and chill out at Club MAC.

  1. Visit the lakeside area

While you could easily spend all of your time in and out of the pools at Club MAC, we also have a quieter area tucked away lakeside. It’s especially for adults to have some peaceful sunbathing time, or to enjoy a relaxing treatment from our beauty experts.

If a massage helps you feel relaxed, then our staff are happy to oblige. You will need to pre-book and beauty treatments are extra to the all-inclusive, so bear that in mind before booking. Afterwards, why not relax by the lake with a book, and enjoy the peaceful vibes?

  1. Jump into exercise

One of the best ways to become fully relaxed is to make sure your physical energy has been worked off. For many people, lounging by the pool doesn’t burn enough energy off to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Why not explore our sporting options for all the family and take part in aqua aerobics, football games or waterbasket? Running around outside all day is bound to ensure the best night’s sleep you can imagine, setting you up for the rest of your holiday.

  1. Turn off the internet!

We know that having access to WiFi is important to our guests and have made sure that wherever you are at our resort, you can either pay to get high speed broadband, or you can use the free WiFi in the vestibule areas of the main buildings.

If you have a busy job back in the real world, how about going on an electronic detox while you’re at Club MAC. Switching off emails, and not staring at computer screens can go a long way to feeling relaxed.

  1. Fun in the sun

Getting some Vitamin D is a great way to relax while you’re on holiday, and it will go a long way to developing your tan to show off when you get back home! Don’t spend too much time in the very hot sun in the middle of the day though, as this can cause sunstroke and sunburn. Staying safe in the sun, applying sun cream and staying hydrated are our top tips for relaxing sunbathing.

  1. Get back to nature

Sea swimming is a beautifully relaxing activity that many people just don’t get the chance to do in their normal lives. Here at Club MAC we have the beautiful Alcudian beaches just a short bus ride away (it’s also walkable if you prefer). Dive into the crystal blue ocean and feel your cares drift away on the Majorcan tide.


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