Things to do in Alcudia in September

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Club MAC Alcudia area

For many, September signals the end of the summer holidays and a start back at school. But in Mallorca, we have such wonderful weather that the season lasts much longer.

If you visit Club MAC Alcudia in September you’ll discover a quieter, but just as fun region in which to enjoy your holiday.

How hot will it be in September?

We enjoy a wonderful climate in Alcudia with long, hot summers. In September, the temperature will be on average around 21°C, but bear in mind it’s likely to be hotter than that on at least some of the days you’re here. Temperatures can reach around 26°C on the warmest days in September, so plenty of time to sunbathe!

In the evenings, you can expect an average low temperature of around 16°C, which is warm enough to enjoy our gorgeous evenings outside.

Enjoy a night out in Alcudia

Alcudia isn’t a hard partying town, but it has plenty of laid back nightlife on offer. If you fancy a dance then visit Menta, a club that’ll keep you going through the night. Near the club you’ll find ‘Dollar Street’, the affectionate name given to Avenida Pedro Mas y Reus. Here you’ll find loads of pubs and bars to choose from, offering all kinds of entertainment from karaoke to pub quiz nights and live bands.

Eat out at the Marina

We think you’ll love the food on offer at Club MAC, but we also think you should have a least one meal out. And there’s nowhere better than one of the restaurants at the Marina in Alcudia, where you can choose from different kinds of freshly caught seafood. One of the best ways to enjoy it is in a traditional paella, and for a real Spanish flavour enjoy an aperitif of palo. This Spanish liqueur is made from herbs and burnt sugar and is served on ice before your meal.

Dive into water sports at the beach

We have a minibus offering rides to the beach from Club MAC, or you can amble the 1km there if you prefer.

Enjoy the lovely late summer weather and have a go at anything from kitesurfing and windsurfing to banana boats and ski-tubes. The water in this area is calm so it’s great for beginners and those wanting a bit more surf will find some further down the beach.

Take a trip to the market

We have some lovely market stalls set up every night by the lake at Club MAC, but if you’d like to look further afield then every Tuesday and Sunday there’s a market in Alcudia’s Old Town. Mingle with the locals and grab a bargain from the many stalls selling clothes, handcrafted souvenirs, jewellery and shoes.


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