Five Tips For Buying Sunglasses

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The port town of Alcudia, where you’ll find Club MAC Alcudia, enjoys 13 hours of sunshine each day in the summer. Meanwhile average temperatures can climb to 26°C in August. So you may want to invest in some good sunglasses, before flying out to Majorca. Here are five tips for buying sunglasses.

Protect your eyes

You may want to opt for sunglasses which protect your eyes from the UV rays in sunlight, which can damage your sight. Ensure your sunglasses are labelled with ‘UV400’ before buying them. This means that the eyewear shields you from between 99% and 100% of UV rays, keeping you safe. You could even purchase wraparound sunglasses, as they stop UV rays from reaching your eyes, via their frames.

Fitting frames

Try your sunglasses on before you buy them, so you can make sure they fit your face perfectly. Ask yourself how the sunglasses fit on the bridge of your nose and on your temples. If they’re too tight in these areas, then your sunglasses could cut into your skin, making you feel uncomfortable, especially under the blazing Majorcan sun. However if your sunglasses feel too loose on your bridge and at your temples, they could keep sliding off your face, as you work up a sweat while walking around Alcudia.

Frame material

You should think about what material your sunglasses’ frames are made of, so you invest in effective eyewear. Metal frames are really good, as they can be adjusted to your face shape easily, but they tend to be expensive. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, go for frames made from plastics like acetate. These frames are strong and flexible, making them perfect for your next Balearic getaway.

Choosing styles

There are so many styles of sunglasses to choose from. Pick a style that suits your face-shape, so you’ll look fabulous and feel comfortable while staying at Club MAC Alcudia. There’s a handy guide on popular styles on Sunglass Warehouse. It explains, for example, that cat eye sunglasses work for round faces, as they’re suited to wide cheekbones and narrow foreheads, helping offset the roundness.

Get a prescription

What should you do if you already wear glasses? You could invest in contact lenses, so you can wear sunglasses while keeping 20/20 vision as you stroll across Majorca. If you don’t want to wear contact lenses, buy prescription sunglasses, which are tailored to your eyesight. Get these sunglasses from opticians like Specsavers and Vision Express, who have experience working with eye prescriptions.

Buy sunglasses

You can buy sunglasses while you’re still in the UK from traditional clothing brands like Debenhams and TX Maxx. However, if you forget to purchase sunglasses before you fly out, we do sell sunglasses at the Club MAC onsite shop.

Sunglasses sold on the street may not fullfil EU requirements and therefore will not protect your eyes. Its worth bearing in mind that many street sellers are selling illegally. We do therefore ask for the collaboration of all Guests by requesting they refrain from purchasing items from street sellers.

If you invest in good sunglasses, you can take in everything this sun-drenched island has to offer, from its magnificent historical monuments to its golden sandy beaches, while keeping your eyes safe, so you appreciate your getaway experience!


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