Visit Lluc Sanctuary – Majorca’s Most Sacred Site

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Lluc Sanctuary

If you are staying at Club MAC Alcudia in 2017, you may want to check out Majorca’s most sacred site – the picturesque Lluc Sanctuary.

Fascinating history

Majorca has been Christian for centuries. The religion was first-introduced to the Island during the latter part of Roman rule. Despite falling into Muslim hands for centuries, Christianity continued to thrive across the largest Balearic Island and today, Majorca is fiercely Roman Catholic.

This means that you can find a variety of breath-taking historic churches and monasteries throughout Majorca. If you want to stay close to our resort, you could check out the Sant Jaume church. Based in Alcudia’s old town, this house of worship is known for its glorious 19th Century Baroque architecture.

Lluc Sanctuary

But if you fancy going further afield, you could visit Lluc Sanctuary. Nestled within the picturesque Serra de Tramuntana Mountains, Lluc Sanctuary is just 40 minutes’ drive away from Alcudia. Considered Majorca’s most sacred site, it features a museum (open every day from 10am to 2pm except Saturdays) and Botanical Gardens (open weekdays from 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm).

Lluc has been a pilgrimage site since the 13th Century. During this period, an Arab boy newly converted to Christianity found a dark wooden statue of the Virgin Mary in a cleft of rock inside a cave located at the site. It was placed in a local church, but miraculously returned to this cave three times. Seeing this as a message from god, the local villagers built a house to build the statue, which became Lluc Monastery.

Today you can visit this statue, which is now encrusted with precious stones and known as La Moreneta, at Lluc Sanctuary. At the site, you’ll also find a museum which features displays of the ceramics, chalices and coins that were used by the monks who once called Lluc home. This museum further includes some stunning paintings by the 20th-century Majorcan artist Josep Coll Bardolet.

Lluc Monastery, which costs 5€ to visit, is particularly known for its daily choir concerts. At 11am the 40 boy-strong Es Blauets choir, which was founded in 1531, regales listeners with beautiful religious hymns, providing you with a unique experience. You should also check out the Sanctuary’ Botanical Gardens, which features charming rockery and exotic plants from around the Balearics!

Visit Club MAC

If you decide fly to Majorca to visit religious attractions like Lluc Sanctuary, book at room at Club MAC Alcudia. We are an outstanding family holiday resort, based near the charming port town of Alcudia. We provide an all-inclusive experience, so you can enjoy delicious food and drink, entertainment for all ages and great facilities like our nine swimming pools, when staying in the Balearic Islands.


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