How To Handle Flight Turbulence

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Flight Turbulence

If you’re planning to stay at Club MAC Alcudia next year, you will most likely fly from the UK to Palma Airport, before getting a transfer to our resort. This roughly two hour journey will probably pass by smoothly, but you might experience turbulence, which can be discomforting if you don’t know how to deal with it. Here we explain how to handle flight turbulence when flying to Majorca.

Try to understand

You should go out and learn what turbulence is, as often when something becomes familiar, it stops being frightening. Turbulence basically occurs when strong wind currents jostle a plane. Most commercial airlines fly high enough to avoid these winds, so turbulence isn’t usually a problem, but turbulence can happen at any altitude. However, planes nearly always pass through it safely.

Just stay seated

The easiest way to deal with turbulence is to stay seated and wear your seatbelt at all possible times during your flight. If you get up and walk around when the plane is being jostled by winds, however, you could get injured. We would advise you to avoid walking through the plane unless you absolutely have to, even when the flight attendants say that it’s OK, just so you can be on the safe side.

Handle your luggage

It’s really important that you stow away your luggage securely in the overhead compartment, before the plane takes off. You should make sure that the overhead compartment panel latches securely so that if you experience turbulence, your luggage can’t fall out. You may want to get everything you need out of you hand luggage before take-off, to ensure that this doesn’t become a problem.

Keep yourself calm

We understand that the word turbulence can make anyone nervous. However, if your plane is hit with winds, you need to find a way to stay calm, so you can ride it out. You may want to distract yourself by listening to music, or watching a film on your tablet, to remain calm. Alternatively, you could practise deep breathing exercises, which have been shown to relax the muscles and promote calm.

Always follow instructions

You should remember that flying is one of the safest ways to travel. The pilots are highly trained and they are constantly updated on how to make flying safer every single year. Flight attendants have also been trained to ensure you have a safe, pleasant flight. If your plane is hit by turbulence, listen to the pilots and flight attendants and follow any instructions they give, as they know what you should do.

Enjoy Club MAC

It’s OK to be nervous when flying, especially if you experience turbulence. Follow these tips and you’ll get through it. Just remember that soon enough, you’ll be enjoying everything we have to offer here at Club MAC Alcudia. With our all-inclusive experience, at our resort you can find amazing entertainment programmes, delicious meals, eight swimming pools and more, giving you the holiday of a lifetime!


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