How to Get a Gorgeous Tan Safely on Holiday

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Want to come away from Club MAC Alcudia, Majorca with a gorgeous golden glow? Stick around, as we let you know how you can get a lovely tan safely on holiday.

Sun-drenched paradise

Here at Club MAC Alcudia we count ourselves blessed; we have a fantastic location. Based in the historic port town of Alcudia, we’re just a stone’s throw away from some of Majorca’s finest beaches. Meanwhile, average temperatures at Club MAC can reach as high as 27°C in summer.

In other words if you’re looking to lie on pristine sands and develop a beautiful tan while on holiday, Club MAC Alcudia is the place to be. But if you’re not careful you could get sunburnt, become de-hydrated or otherwise make yourself unwell. If you keep the following four tips while sunbathing in Majorca, you’ll be able to develop a stunning tan while keeping yourself safe.

Build up a base

We’d strongly advise you to build a base tan slowly and safely before you jet out to the Balearics. Do this for about a week before you go and you’ll ensure that your skin is more prepared to handle the blazing Spanish sun. Also, you won’t have to walk down the beach looking paler than a ghost, which certainly isn’t a bad thing!

Apply sunscreen liberally

Sunscreen is essential whether you tan easily or not because it prevents sun burn. We’d suggest you apply it about 15 minutes before you go out into the sun and use a produce with a sunscreen protection factor of at least 15 to ensure it protects your skin. Also, reapply sunscreen after you’ve been in the sea, as the water can wash it off.

Use your common sense

Make sure you keep your head when lying under the rays of the blissful Balearic sun. Use your common sense; if you feel that your skin has had enough don’t wait, move to a shaded area immediately. Also, ensure you keep yourself hydrated, take regular breaks from sunbathing and refrain from staying in the sea for too long to safeguard your skin while trying to get a tan.

Think about aftercare

After-sun products aren’t just for sun burn. We’d advise you to liberally apply after-sun once you’ve finished sunbathing so you can rehydrate your skin and keep it safe. You may also want to take a nice cool shower when you get back to your room. This will re-balance your skin’s temperature and close your pores helping your skin remain in good condition throughout your getaway.

Work on your tan

Majorca has some of the best beaches the Mediterranean has to offer. They boast blissful azure waters, endlessly sunny skies and tempting golden sands. When you visit Club MAC Alcudia you’ll get the chance to lie on these amazing stretches of shore and work on your tan and if you follow these tips you’ll be able to do so safely, so you can walk away from your holiday with lovely memories!

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