How to Renew Your Passport

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Club MAC explain how to renew your passport

Are you looking to fly out to Club MAC Alcudia for the holiday of a lifetime in 2016? If so you might need to renew your passport before you trade the cloudy horizons of the UK for sunny Majorcan skies.

Ready for the season

Here at Club MAC Alcudia, an outstanding family holiday resort in Alcudia, Majorca, we’re gearing up for the new season. Come to us in 2016 and you’ll be able to enjoy amazing entertainment programmes, first-rate service and a variety of family-friendly amenities, along with the chance to explore Alcudia’s exciting cultural and historical attractions.

If you’re looking to spend time at Club MAC Alcudia in 2016 you need to make sure you have a valid passport. You can replace or renew a UK passport at any time for just £72.50 and it’ll be sent to you within three weeks. If you need it more urgently, you can always FastTrack your application.

How to apply

In order to renew or replace your passport you’ll need two identical photos of yourself. If you can’t be recognised from your current passport photo, one of the photos will need to be signed by someone else. Also, if you’ve changed your name e.g. you got married, you’ll need to send extra documents.

There are three ways to renew or replace your passport if you live in the UK. You can apply online, get an application from a post office which offers the Passport Check and Send Service or ask the Passport Adviceline to send you an application form. You can also apply to renew or replace your passport if you live outside the UK.

  • If you apply online send the form, along with the photos and supporting documents to the printed address on the form. You’ll need a debit or credit card to apply online.
  • If you complete a paper form you can use the Passport Check and Send Service or post it along with photos and supporting documents via the pre-printed envelope on the form. With this option you can pay through debit and credit cards and cheques. If you use the Passport Check and Send Service, you’ll have to pay £82.25 for your new passport.

If your application is approved, you’ll receive your new passport through Royal Mail recorded delivery or via courier. If you’re at home, your passport will be handed directly to you. If not, it could be delivered with the rest of your mail or you may receive a card telling you how you can arrange for your passport to be delivered or where to pick it up. This card won’t say the package contains your passport.

Jet out to Majorca

If you need to renew or replace an existing passport, do it now. Your new one will take about three weeks to reach you, so once you have it in your hands you can start planning your fabulous summer getaway at Club MAC Alcudia. With so much planned for the 2016 season, we’ll make sure that you and your family make beautiful memories at our resort!

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