Club MAC Alcudia’s Top Eight Events in 2015

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Club MAC Unicef

Here at Club MAC Alcudia, we host a variety of events for people to enjoy while staying with us. We’ve gathered a few figures to reveal which eight events were most popular with our guests in 2015.

Unicef day (pictured above)

On 25th August 2015 we held a fundraiser for Unicef, the world’s leading children’s charity, Here, guests tried a number of activities including mask-painting, ring-tossing and foam throwing. Attended by 600 people, it was by far our most popular event of 2015 and we managed to raise a phenomenal €1,581.50 for a really great cause!

T-Shirt painting

Club MAC Alcudia hosted 25 t-shirt painting parties last year. For 4 euros, guests at these parties could get really creative and make their own t-shirt designs, with one euor going to Unicef. A total of 6806 guests attended one of our t-shirt painting parties in 2015 and with each one seeing an average of 272 people, it was our second most popular event of the year!

Breaking world records

You never know… spend a week at Club MAC Alcudia and you could end up making it into the history books. We gave our guests three chances in 2015 to try break a Guinness World Record; everyone had a lot of fun giving it a go! In total, these events attracted 550 Club MAC guests, with each one being attended by an average of 183, making it third most popular event of 2015!

Summer parties

Summer’s always a really busy time at Club MAC Alcudia and we make sure every guest has a fabulous experience. We throw a number of summer parties throughout the season where guests can relax among the palm trees while playing a range of fun outdoor games. The resort threw 20 summer parties this time around – collectively they were attended by 1644 guests, at an average of 82 per party.

Western parties

On alternate Thursdays of every fortnight we hold a Western party for kids staying at Club MAC. We give them the opportunity to try their hands at a range of traditional Western-style games like the cans game and balloon darts. We held 24 Western parties in 2015 – in total 1727 guests were involved and we managed to attract 72 guests, on average, to each event!

Children’s parades

Here at Club MAC Alcudia, we never miss a chance to put on a parade for our younger guests, where they can have a great time with Macky & Misha, our resort mascots. We managed to put on nine parades last year and they were attended by 510 guests. Meanwhile when we break these figures down, we see that each parade had an average of 57 people taking part!

Fiesta game

The Spanish are well known for their fiestas. We like to give kids the chance to experience local culture while they’re with us, so last year we put on 30 of our beloved fiesta game events. They were really popular in 2015; a staggering 1675 people came to at least one of the fiesta games and with an average attendance rate of 56 guests, it made ninth on this list!

Demo Sangria

We’re always looking to make sure that adults have as much fun as their kids when they spend time at our resort. That’s why in 2015 we hosted 16 Demo Sangria events, for people who love Spain’s most iconic tipple. There must be a lot of Sangria enthusiasts; 858 people came to at least one Demo Sangria last year, with each being attended by an average of 54 Club MAC guests.

Look forward to 2016

Think we’re planning on stopping there? Never! Our 2016 season officially begins in March and this year we’re planning to throw a whole host of events for our guests. With amazing activities like Unicef day, t-shirt painting, bingo, demo sangria and much more on offer, you’ll have the time of your life when you travel out to Club MAC Alcudia this year!

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