A Few First Aid Essentials to Bring to Majorca

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Club MAC

You may want to ensure that you and your family are prepared for every eventuality when you fly out to Majorca. If you make sure you pack a few first aid essentials before staying at Club MAC Alcudia, you can ensure that your children have the holiday of a lifetime!

Looking after you

Expect to have an amazing getaway when you arrive at Club MAC Alcudia, a first-rate family holiday resort in the port town of Alcudia, Majorca. We make it our mission to look after you, putting on a whole host of entertainment programmes, from daily fun dances by the pool to themed parties and even kids parades, for the whole family to enjoy.

As part of the facilities you can find at Club MAC Alcudia, we’ll even be there for you and your family if you need medical help. We have a private doctor at our resort who you can visit during business hours and call 24 hours a day, so you have the peace of mind needed to ensure your children have a fabulous time with us!

First aid essentials

When you holiday at Club MAC Alcudia, you might want to get out into the town and explore Alcudia’s charming streets, enchanting architecture, quaint boutiques and fabulous eateries. But what should you do if one of your kids has a little accident while you’re all out having a good time in Alcudia? We’d suggest you bring a first aid kit with you so you can protect your child’s well-being at all times while in Majorca. Here are a few essentials you might want to include:

  • Medications: If your child regularly takes medication, make sure you have it with at all times during your time in Majorca, so they can stay healthy and have some fun in the sun!
  • Antiseptic spray: Should your kid get a minor cut or graze on holiday, antiseptic spray will prove handy. Containing a fast acting local anaesthetic, this relieves the pain of minor burns, bites, stings and grazes so your kid can get back to enjoying their time in the Balearics.
  • Plasters: Kids have a nasty habit of falling and grazing their knees from time and time. Pack a few plasters so after applying antiseptic spray to the graze, you can patch them up right away if they stumble on the streets of Alcudia!
  • Dressings: For deeper scratches, it’s a good idea to include dressings in your first aid kit, so you can properly cover any cuts or grazes your kid might pick up while walking the streets of Alcudia. Also include support bandages, which are great for strains and sprains.
  • Painkillers: Ensure your child always has access to effective pain relief on holiday by packing painkillers in your first aid kit. Go for junior painkillers syrups which are great for kids and always follow the instructions on the product to keep your kid safe at all times.
  • Antihistamines: Does your child have an allergy that could flare upon holiday? Include antihistamines in your kit, so you can give them the relief they need to appreciate their Mediterranean getaway. One tablet gives 24 hour relief and is suitable for children over six.
  • Re-hydration measures: It can get really hot in Majorca, especially in summer. Therefore, it’s advisable to include re-hydrations solutions and drinks in your first aid kit, so your kid can enjoy the beautiful Balearic sun without getting too thirsty!

Storing your medication

If you require a fridge to cool your medication, Club MAC has a unit behind reception which can be used for guests. However, to make life easier you can book one of our premium or family suites which come fitted with a fridge in the room.

If you have already booked to stay in a standard room, you can get in touch with us now and upgrade or we can help you arrange fridge hire from a local company. Prices can be found at www.clubmac.es/facilities/#extra-info.

Once booked, fridges usually take up to three hours to arrive.

Amazing holiday

As a parent, you want your child to have the best time possible when your family flies out for a week of fun in the sun at Club MAC Alcudia. Make sure you pack a well-stocked first aid kit before you travel out to the Balearics, so you’re prepared for every eventuality while holidaying in sun-drizzled Majorca!

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