What to do in Alcudia when it rains

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What to do in Alcudia when it rains

Most of the time it’s nothing but sunny skies here at Club MAC Alcudia, but very occasionally we do get the odd spot of rain. With this in mind, we explain what to do in Alcudia on a rainy day.

Weather in Alcudia

As an outstanding family resort based in the Majorcan port town of Alcudia, we count ourselves blessed here at Club MAC Alcudia. The town’s known for its glorious sunshine and warm temperatures, often reaching as high as 22 degrees in June, 24 degrees in July and even a beautifully hot 25 degrees in August.

This makes Alcudia the perfect place to indulge in a range of fun-filled outdoor activities when you fly out to Majorca for a fabulous family getaway. Whilst you may be miles away from the cloudy skies of Britain, but we do get rain here every once in a while.

Activities at Club MAC

Luckily for you, there are a few things in Alcudia that are saved for a rainy day!

  • Macky’s birthday party – Celebrate our mascot birthday party, there will be chocolate cake!
  • Art Attack – Just like the 90’s kids TV show, there’s a crafts class available at the resort. It’s all from recycled materials, so you can use plastic bottles, newspapers etc. and get creative!
  • Opposite Day – Kids can get involved in a day where winners are losers and right means left. You’ll even find yourselves wearing shoes on the wrong feet!
  • Monster Day – Entertainers bring a monster theme to the resort, with costumes for the children and other entertainment including games and face painting.
  • Music Games – No holiday is complete without a disco, so there are music games including musical statues, musical chairs and stuck in the mud!
  • Mini Walt Disney Quiz – Children answer questions about all of their favourite Disney characters and plenty more entertainment!
  • Hotel Cinema – showings are at 1pm and 5pm on the first floor Saturno.

You can find out what’s happening during your stay on all of the TV screens around the resort as well as activity boards in each of the three buildings around Club MAC. We also use Twitter to tell you the latest information on a daily basis.

Don’t let rain stop you

You shouldn’t let a spot of rain stop you from having a good time. When you visit Club MAC you’ll find that there are a number of things you can do when it rains, to make sure you walk away from your time at our resort with amazing memories!

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