Meet Club MAC Alcudia’s Entertainment Team!

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Fiesta animación TEAM Club MAC

To show you just why you’re destined to have a fabulous time when you stay at our resort, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Club MAC Alcudia’s entertainment team!

Enjoy Club MAC

As a first-rate holiday resort based in the Majorcan port town of Alcudia, at Club MAC Alcudia we do everything we can to ensure you have an amazing holiday. We hold a wide range of activities including sports, discos, parades, parties and much more to keep you and your kids occupied throughout the length of your stay.

Entertainment team

As you can imagine, it takes a whole team of skilled, creative professionals to run the variety of activities we offer to guests at Club MAC. Our entertainment team now includes:

  • André: A native of Portugal, André is a professionally trained dancer who started working with hotels back in 2007. He’s responsible for staging all our activities and shows, using his vast professional experience to provide first-rate entertainment.


  • Kiara: Hailing from food capital Italy, Kiara is our entertainment chef who has a decade’s worth of experience in the business. She’s also a professional zumba teacher, using her experience of the fitness craze to head all the aqua zumba sessions provided here at Club MAC.


  • Marvin: A German with Caribbean parents, Marvin’s penchant for organisation along with his Caribbean soul makes him indispensable. Among other things, he manages the football, darts, water basket and archery activities we offer to you when you stay at our resort.
  • Marvin’s team: Marvin also manages a team of entertainers. This includes Elliot and Sebastian from the UK, Spanish native Jose Luis, Rali and Lucas, born in Bulgaria and Slovakia respectively, and Sara from Italy who runs our aqua gym.


  • Claudio: Sicilian born Claudio is the man in charge of Club MAC’s MINI Club. Throughout his career he has studied high cuisine extensively, leading him to create Master Chef Junior, which has proved particularly popular with guests this season.


  • Fabrizio: A native of the Italian peninsula, Fabrizio is our go to guy when it comes to all things tech. He’s the team member who takes pictures and videos to immortalise your holiday memories. Fabrizio is also our local resident DJ who spins the decks at night time events, and handles sound and lighting at all the shows on our popular circus stage.

Team of professionals

With this team of professionals, Club MAC has the entertainers we need to ensure that you enjoy our wide range of fun-filled activities when you stay at our resort. The entertainment team’s skills, experience and commitment will ensure you walk away from Club MAC feeling fantastic!

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