How to Treat Irritated Skin

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We want you to have the holiday of your dreams when you fly out to Majorca for a stay at Club MAC Alcudia. With this in mind, we’ve decided to reveal five ways to treat irritated skin so that you can make the most of your time in paradise.

Island paradise 

Here at Club Mac Alcudia, we count ourselves blessed. Who couldn’t ask for a better location than the idyllic Balearic island of Majorca; the land of picturesque sandy beaches, fascinating historical monuments and perennial sunshine. But even paradise isn’t perfect; you could fall victim to bug bites, prickly heat or sun burn that leaves you with irritated skin.

Five ways to treat irritated skin

Don’t let irritated skin ruin the holiday of a lifetime. If you’ve spent too long in the sun or been targeted by a pesky mosquito, try one of these five remedies to treat your skin:

1)      Aloe Vera: This plant is known for its ability to soothe skin and reduce swelling and irritation. The good thing about this remedy is that you don’t need the plant itself; practically every ‘aftersun’ product on the market features Aloe Vera. All you need to do is head to the Club MAC shop, buy some aftersun and slather it over your skin to reduce irritation.

2)      Oatmeal: This home remedy contains compounds called avenanthramides that studies have proved have the ability to reduce inflammation. If you want to take advantage of this remedy, you should add oatmeal to your bath or make a poultice; your skin will stop itching within minutes!

3)      Basil leaves: Used fresh, basil leaves contain anti-itch compounds called camphor and thymol which make them really effective for treating bug bites. The great thing about this remedy is that it’s really easy to use; buy the leaves from a supermarket in Alcudia, rub them on your skin and your itch will die down.

4)      Fruit peels: There’s evidence to suggest that the peel of fruits such as bananas and watermelons work really well for treating bug bites. All you need to do is rub the peel onto the part of your skin which has become irritated and the peel will do the rest.

5)      Apple cider vinegar: Reader, meet the wonder-product. Apple cider vinegar is an anti-sceptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent that’s known for its ability to soothe itchy skin. Pour a few drops onto a cotton ball and dab it onto your skin the next time it gets irritated; the symptoms will go down in the blink of an eye.

Easy to treat irritated skin

If you take one thing away from this article, let it be this. You can use a range of home remedies to treat irritated skin. This means that if you encounter a mosquito or forget to apply sun cream when you visit Club MAC, you can make sure that irritated skin doesn’t ruin your once-in-a-lifetime getaway!

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