Welcome to Club MAC Alcudia!

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Welcome to Club MAC Alcudia

When you come to Club Mac Alcudia you’ll find everything you need to have a fabulous time in the sun-drenched island paradise of Majorca in our welcome leaflet.

Check out our leaflet

Here at Club MAC Alcudia, we’re committed to providing the highest standard and quality of service, as well as the value for money you expect when you go abroad. When you arrive we give you a leaflet that tells you everything you need to know about our fantastic family complex. If you don’t want to wait to find out what the leaflet has to say, here are the important bits.

Find information

The leaflet features all the information you need to know to utilise the wide variety of amenities at Club MAC. This includes information on the timetable, rules and regulations for entry to the waterpark, Pay Per View TV access, the Club MAC medical service and our 24 hour money exchange service.

The leaflet will also tell you about the shuttle busses that run from the Marte hotel to Alcudia, the Club MAC shop supermarket, Wi-Fi access and the opening times for the various restaurants and bars around the complex. Furthermore, the leaflet also contains details of the various entertainment activities we hold regularly throughout the complex.

Map of the Complex

The leaflet is also designed to help you find your way around Club MAC, as it features a map of resort. This map uses numbers to highlight key spots such as the resort entrance, swimming pools, relaxation area, restaurants and bars. You can also use it to find the locations of the Marte, Saturno and Jupiter hotels.

Warm welcome

We strive to provide you with a warm welcome the minute you walk into Club MAC Alcudia. This leaflet will give you all the vital information you need to utilise the wide range of amenities open to you when you book a room at one of our fabulous family hotels.

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