Five Cheap Things to do on Alcudia Beach

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Club MAC image of Family on beach

If you’re looking to experience the getaway of a lifetime on a budget when you visit Club MAC Alcudia keep reading, as we reveal five cheap things to do on Alcudia’s superb beach.

Stunning beach

Club MAC Alcudia is an outstanding family resort that’s based in the historic port town of Alcudia in the island paradise of Majorca. As luck would have it, this puts us within a stone’s throw of Alcudia Beach.

Alcudia Beach is one of most beautiful stretches of shore in the Balearic Islands. The minute you arrive you’ll find yourself greeted by pure white sands, dancing azure waves, and amazing vistas that stretch on for miles out to the horizon of the glorious Mediterranean Sea.

Five ways to enjoy the beach on a budget

You don’t need to be rich to make the most of this stunning stretch of Majorcan coast. Here’s five things you can do on Alcudia Beach that’ll barely cost you a penny.

1)      Swim: The waters of the Mediterranean differ from the waters of the UK in one key way; they’re warm. This allows you to swim till you heart’s content for free when you visit Alcudia Beach!

2)      Sunbathe: Average summer temperatures in Alcudia range from 24°C in July to 25°C in August and a slightly cooler 21°C in September. In other words, Alcudia Beach is a great place to catch a few rays and work on your tan!

3)      Build sandcastles: Visit our hotel shop before you head down to the beach and pick up the essentials that you will need to build your fort! We have everything you need to engage in the ultimate family activity when you visit Alcudia Beach; using the shore’s abundant supply of sand to construct a sandcastle with your kids.

4)      Wildlife watch: The Mediterranean is a rich region with a range of unique flora and fauna. If you keep your eyes peeled when you visit Alcudia Beach, you can spot some of the most fascinating wildlife in the Mediterranean!

5)      Kick about: Believe us or not, the soft sands of Alcudia Beach make a surprisingly good substitute for grass or Astroturf. Spend a few euros on a cheap ball, and you and your family can have hours of fun kicking it up and down this versatile stretch of shore!

Holiday of your dreams

Alcudia Beach almost seems designed to provide you with a range of family activities you can do without stretching your budget. It’s just another reason why you’re destined to have the holiday of your dreams when you book a stay at Club MAC Alcudia.

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