Five Reasons to Visit Club MAC Alcudia in 2015

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Letting you know what you’re in for from us next year, this week we reveal five reasons to visit Club MAC Alcudia in 2015!

Using Your Feedback to Improve Our Service

Located in the town of Port d’Alcudia, which sits in the Northern climes of world famous Balearic holiday destination, Majorca, Club MAC Alcudia is an outstanding family resort. We have three hotels, amazing entertainment, incredible facilities and even a kid’s club, to keep your little ones enthralled throughout the length of your stay.

As such, we are always striving to better the experience we provide, by listening to and acting on your feedback. 2014 was no exception. We took in 1103 reviews for 2014, and used them to improve the service we’re stated to provide in 2015, so you can be sure you’ll walk away from us with scrap-book worthy family holiday memories.

Just Five of the Reasons to Stay With Us in 2015

Your feedback has allowed us to give you more reasons than ever to spend your family getaway at Club MAC Alcudia. Here are just five of the reasons to do so in 2015.

  • Family Suites Now Include Same Extras as Premium: To provide your family with value for money, in 2015 family suites at Club MAC Alcudia will now include the same extras as premium. These are; hairdryer, fridge, kettle, premium channels and most importantly, Wi-Fi!
  • New Guest Satisfaction Department: Your feedback has prompted Club MAC Alcudia to double down on our efforts to ensure you are satisfied throughout your stay in 2015. With our new guest satisfaction department, your comfort will continue to be put first here at Club MAC Alcudia in 2015.
  • Flat Screen TVs in All Rooms: We heard you loud and clear, you want more TVs to indulge in a little family holiday viewing. That is why as of 2015, every room at Club MAC Alcudia will come equipped with a flat screen TV!
  • More Non Smoking Pools: With people becoming more aware of the dangers of smoking than ever, we wanted to provide more smoke free places at Club MAC for families. That is why in 2015, there will be more non-smoking pools made available!
  • Every Guest Gets Free Access to the Hidropark: Reviewing your feedback, Club MAC couldn’t have failed to notice how popular the Hidropark is, with families looking for the ultimate water park adventure. That is why decided to provide every guest with free access to the Hidropark in 2015, no matter who they booked with.

Memories You’ll Cherish for a Lifetime

These are just five of the reasons you’re in for a fabulous family holiday when you decide to book with Club MAC Alcudia in 2015. With your feedback, we have continued to make sure that when you visit us, you and your family will walk away with memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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