Average Temperature for Your Stay in Alcudia

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Club-MAC-Alcudia-PoolTo make sure you get the most out of your holiday, this week Club MAC Alcudia reveals the average temperatures for your stay in Alcudia.

How Hot Will It Be When You Visit Alcudia?

Club MAC Alcudia is an outstanding family resort, located in the town of Port d’Alcudia. Sitting in the northern reaches of Spanish Balearic Island, Majorca, Alcudia is known for its glorious sunshine and typically Iberian temperatures.

As such, Club MAC Alcudia often gets asked about how hot it’ll be when customers visit the Majorcan tourist town. That’s why this week, we thought we’d answer the question, by letting you know average temperatures throughout Alcudia for the months customers most request; May, June, September and October.

Average Temperature in Alcudia


Average High and Low Temperature in Alcudia


Average Sea Temperature in Alcudia


Average rainfall in Alcudia


Average sunshine in Alcudia



If you’re looking to visit Alcudia at the onset of the tourist season, evidence suggests that you’ll encounter average temperatures at their highest of 23°C/73°F. Temperatures will drop on an evening and Club MAC advises to pack a jacket.

Holiday makers can expect to enjoy 12 hours of sunshine per day, whilst on average there are just nine rain days in Alcudia during the month.


If you and your family want to holiday in Alcudia a little after the beginning of the tourist season, you’ll encounter higher average temperatures; 22°C/72°F for June. At their highest, average temperatures climb to 27°C/81°F.

The average sea temperature also rises to 21°C, whilst the average rainfall drops to just six days and the daily sunshine rises to 13 days.


Alternatively, if you prefer to take a trip to Alcudia a little later in the tourist season, in September you are destined to encounter a milder average temperature than in June; 21°C/70°F. At their highest, average temperatures climb to 26°C/79°F, however like in May, temperatures may drop on an evening so make sure you bring a jacket.


Finally, if you want to take your family to Alcudia at the very end of the town traditional tourist season in October, you should expect to be greeted with an average temperature of 18°C/64°F. However, at their highest, average temperatures in Alcudia reach 23°C/73°F.

For those that enjoy a dip in the sea, October is one of the hottest months for sea temperature. It averages at 25°C.

Bask in Alcudia’s Glorious Sunshine

Therefore, whether you like it hot, warm or mild, there’s always a right time for you to visit Alcudia, and take a chance to bask in its glorious sunshine. No matter what time of the year you go, you and your family are in for the trip of a lifetime! so check our latest offers here!

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