Five Tips for Buying the Right Travel Insurance

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In order to make sure you are protected when you jet off for your hols, this week Club MAC Alcudia reveals five tips for buying the right travel insurance.

You Need Travel Insurance

As an Alcudia-based outstanding family holiday complex, located in the sunny Northern climes of Balearic paradise Majorca, Club MAC Alcudia offers a quality service for tourists looking for a week of fun in the sun.

We want to make sure you have the best time of your life, which is why this week we want to turn our attention to travel insurance.

This is literally insurance you can get to cover your possessions should something happen to them on holiday. It also covers trips, falls and other unforeseen events. Travel insurance will protect you from just about anything, from an ash cloud to a lost possession – in other words, you really do need it.

Use These Five Tips to Find the Right Travel Insurance for You

For the insurance to be effective, though, you need to find the right policy. That is why you should try out the following five tips for finding the right travel insurance, to make sure you find the policy that’ll leave you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy your holiday…

  • Use Price Comparison Sites: The easiest way to find effective travel insurance is to look at all your options. To do so, look through various insurance options on a price comparison site to see what they offer, and how you can get it for the cheapest price tag possible.
  • Find the Right Cover: Insurance policies come with different options that cover various locations and lengths of your stay. You can, for example, buy a single-trip policy for one holiday, or annual insurance if you are an avid traveller. Always check these options before you buy.
  • Make Sure it Compensates You: Not all policies compensate you should your flight be cancelled, you luggage lost etc. Therefore in order to buy effective travel insurance, read it to make sure you are compensated should the worst happen.
  • Declare any Illnesses: Some policies reject claims when the person has a pre-existing medical condition. To avoid this happening to you, find an extensive policy and declare any such conditions before you buy.
  • Check the Excess: Each policy comes with an excess, which is how much you have to pay to make a claim. Check the excess before you buy, so you are not caught out by a hefty excess policy should you need to claim.

Make Memories to Last a Lifetime!

Travel insurance is only a backup measure, but it’s one you might need, should something happen on holiday. Make sure you buy travel insurance so you have the peace of mind you need to make memories on your holiday to last a lifetime!

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