Travelling to Mallorca from the UK? Here’s everything you need to know

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Finally! Mallorca is on the UK’s green list, which means we can welcome you back to Club MAC.

We know the constantly changing regulations and rules are difficult to keep up with, so we’ve pulled it all together. So, here’s everything you need to know about travelling to Mallorca from the UK. Get packing!

Do this before travelling to Mallorca from the UK

Before you leave the UK, you need to ensure you have the following documentation and proof of being COVID-free.

1. To enter Spain, people from the UK must have a certificate showing they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The certificate must show the following information:

–  Full name including surname.

– Date of the second and final vaccine, which must be at least 14 days before you arrive in Spain.

– The name of the vaccine as authorised by the WHO (World Health Organisation) or EMA (European Medicines Agency).

2. If you don’t have this proof of vaccination, you must have a PCR test showing you’re COVID-negative. The test must be taken 48 hours before you’re due to arrive in Mallorca.

3. Each person in your party, including children must also fill in this form before you travel.

4. Book your mandatory test that’s required when you get back to the UK. This test must be taken on the day you arrive, or up to two days later. This must be booked before you go on holiday.

Children under the age of 12 are exempt from both the vaccination certification and the PCR test. However, you do need to fill in a form for each child as specified above.

To find a COVID-19 test provider in the UK, head to the Government website here.

Do this when you arrive in Mallorca

There are just a few more steps to take to ensure everything is in order for travelling back to the UK.

1. You need a COVID-19 test for each person to travel back to the UK. So, when you arrive in Mallorca, you need to book the test with the medical centre at Club MAC.

2. Our on-site medical centre is called the Juaneda Medical centre. It offers PCR tests at 80 euros each and antigen tests at 30 euros each. When you arrive at Club MAC, you’ll see a QR code at the reception desk. Scan this and it will take you directly to the medical centre’s booking system for antigen or PCR tests.

3. Children aged 10 and under don’t need this test.

4. Within 48 hours before you head back to the UK from Club MAC, you must also fill in the UK Passenger Locator Form.

Do this when you arrive home from Club MAC

When you get back to the UK you must take the test on or before Day 2 (with your arrival date counted as Day Zero).

The test can be:

– Self-swab on site.

– Provider supervised on site.

– Self-swab at home.

– Provider supervised at home.

If your test is negative, you do not need to quarantine. 

Remember, this is the test that you booked before you left the UK to travel to Mallorca.

Children aged four and under don’t need to take this test.

More information on COVID-19 travel guidelines from the UK

This blog provides the top level of travel information for our UK guests travelling to Club MAC. For all of the information direct from the UK Government, please head here:

And for visitors to Club MAC from Ireland, you can find out about the EU COVID Passport scheme here:

The information in this blog post made before the traveling changes as from the 4th of October 2021. As we know, the information can change quickly, so check the official website while making travel plans.

When the admin is done, you get to holiday with us at Club MAC – we’ve missed you!

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