A Typical Day at Club MAC: What You’ll Be Able to Do When We Reopen

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Getting active in our swimming pools - Club MAC

So close and yet so far! Yes, following the government’s announcement , Majorca is on the Green list now. That being said, there is too much of a focus on the negatives recently, so why not think about the positives for a change?

Club MAC will be opening on 23rd June and we cannot wait to welcome back our guests at our Majorca Holiday Resort. Are you excited to fly over? Well, to get you even more so, we thought we would put together a guide on what you can expect to do with your days at Club MAC. Last year (as you will be far too familiar with) what we were able to offer guests was limited, so now, we are ecstatic to announce that upon reopening, our services will be running almost entirely as normal.

So, picture the scene, you’ve flown over, touched down, arrived at the airport and checked in at reception in the Marte building. What now? Well, let’s take the Smith family for example…


Breakfast at Club MAC

The Smith family wake up from their comfy beds with the warm and welcoming breeze of Majorca gently gliding through a crack in the window. With that breeze, accompanying the tantalising tease of tans and towels, is the whiff of breakfast.

Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and nobody recognises that more than Club MAC, which is why our Saturno is set up first thing in the morning with an offering of pancakes, cooked breakfasts and continental buffets. There is something for everyone here so that you can get your fill of food before facing the rest of the day.


The Pool

After breakfast the family head back up to their room to collect swimming trunks, sun cream and towels, ready for a trip to the pool. The fact that the Smiths are made up of Mum, Dad, as well as both older and younger children; this is nothing to worry about at Club MAC. Thanks to the range of activities available within such a short distance from one another, there truly is something for everybody.

As such, they split their time, starting at the Saturno Pool so their older child can enjoy themselves, before heading over to the Dragon Splash Pool which is perfect for the toddler. Of course, going on such a special holiday is all about ensuring the kids enjoy themselves but also spending time as a family so to top off the morning, they all venture onto the Pedalos for a free ride, given they come at absolutely no charge before 1pm.


Lunch at Club MAC

All of that play in the sun works up a sweat, so the Smith family are continually visiting our Lake Bar to top up their drinks and stay hydrated (the kids are also making use of the ice cream machine) and before they know it it’s time for lunch. They have two choices when it comes to lunch depending on whether they want to go back to their room and change out of their pool-soaked clothes.

The first is to head back to the Saturno Restaurant and enjoy another go at the buffet. This time the food has been switched out from classic breakfast delights to a lunch offering. The second option, if they would rather stick around the pool is to head over to the Lake Bar for delicious drinks and hamburgers.


The Water Park

After refuelling, the Smith family decide that they’re ready for some adrenaline fuelled excitement and so head over the road and to the waterpark. There is a variety of different activities available at the waterpark so that everyone can all enjoy themselves.


Dinner at Club MAC

After the water park it’s almost time for dinner, so the Smith family head back up to their room to get showered and changed. Afterwards they head back down to the Saturno Restaurant. 2020 has been a bee in the bonnet of all holiday goers and so going to Majorca is of course an exciting experience; however, at Club MAC we do more than that. Thanks to the range of different themed menus from all over the world, every night you’ll feel like you’re in another country. The Smith family naturally embrace this, but their toddler is quite a fussy eater, no worries on that front though as there is always something for the kids at the kids’ corner.


Entertainment at Club MAC

Bellies full but night young, as the sun sets and the stage lights flicker on, it’s time for some entertainment. Before making their way to the stage the Smith family decide to quickly head over to Fun World to go on a few rides, which is totally free because they have booked a premium room.

Afterwards they make their way over to the mini disco, which plays some of the most popular songs in the charts at the minute that all the kids love dancing to. This is followed by bingo and then a show. The show varies every night – including professional peformances, to being entertained by Club Mac’s fabulous entertainment team. Despite the ever-changing show, you can consistently rely on the amount of fun all guests have while watching. The Smith family clap along and laugh whilst enjoying slush cocktails, before making their way back to bed to get a good night’s rest before doing it all over again!


What Else Is There at Club MAC?

Whilst the above is all incredibly exciting, the range of activities available doesn’t stop there. The following day the Smith family have the choice of engaging in some of the activities put on by the entertainment team such as princess for a day or other fun excursions that take place in and around the pool. There is also a plethora of new activities available such as archery, mini-golf, professional photography and more.

There has been such a delay on holidays recently that we at Club MAC only think it’s right to welcome you with the greatest service and an exciting plethora of activities to keep you constantly entertained. We are happy that we’ll be opening our doors to you all once again. If you have any questions regarding the above amenities, do not hesitate to contact us.

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