Travel Update: Is a summer in Spain on the cards? Here’s what to know about booking your next family holiday with Club MAC Majorca

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The information change constantly during this uncertain time, please always check with your local authorities for the updated news and restrictions.


The summer holiday countdown has begun and we can’t wait to welcome you back at Club MAC Alcudia as soon as it is safe and permissible to travel again. It has been a difficult year, but governments are now rolling out their roadmaps out of lockdown, signalling a return of international travel on the horizon. Here, on the beautiful Balearic Island of Majorca, the Club MAC resort is getting ready to throw open its doors. However, because of the uncertain nature of the pandemic, travel guidelines are still being revised and timelines are subject to change.

Here are all the relevant travel updates from the sector as of date. The Spanish government has extended its travel ban on travellers from the UK, Brazil and South Africa (due to the new COVID-19 variants), which will be in place at least until March 30. Only Spanish residents and nationals of Spain and Andorra are currently allowed to fly into the country from the UK.

Currently, travellers heading to Spain must have tested negative on a PCR, LAMP or antigen test taken within the 72 hours leading up to their arrival. These restrictions are likely to be relaxed within the next few months.

On the bright side, the EU has proposed the introduction of ‘vaccine passports’ to simplify holiday travel in the post-lockdown era. According to latest reports, the digital certification system could be ready in time for the summer tourism season. The proposal is yet to be passed by a legislative vote, but the European Commission is optimistic that approval will be granted by June.


A few days ago, the Commission unveiled the draft resolution for the vaccine passport, officially branded a ‘Digital Green Certificate’. This is what we know so far:-


  1. The passport will cover three types of certificates: vaccination, test results (NAAT/RT-PCR or rapid antigen), and COVID-19 recovery with evidence of antibodies for immunity.


  1. It will contain essential details of the vaccinated person like name and date of birth, issuing Member State, and a unique identifier of the certificate.


  1. In addition, the vaccination-specific certificate will display information on the vaccine administered such as type/brand, manufacturer, number of doses, and date of vaccination.


  1. The test-specific certificate will include type of test, date and time of test, test centre and result.


  1. The recovery certificate will mention date of test result, issuer of certificate, date of issuance, and date of validity.


  1. The vaccine passport will be issued to all persons inoculated with any of the antigens approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). As on date, these are BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen.


  1. It will be issued free of charge, both in digital format and on paper with a QR code that can be scanned and a digital signature that lends authenticity.


  1. The data will appear in the official language of the issuing Member State and in English.



Importantly, the resolution states that obtaining the certificate should not be compulsory for the purpose of travel. People who have not been vaccinated, either out of choice or otherwise, must have the same freedom of movements as those who have been vaccinated, subject to conditions like testing and quarantine. The World Health Organisation has also advised against requiring vaccine certificates as a precondition for international travel.

The Balearic Islands are eager to conduct a trial run for any such travel arrangement that gets introduced. Spanish holiday bookings have already started soaring for the summer in the wake of these positive indications. Budget airlines like RyanAir have promised cheap fares for the year to boost holiday revival.

But even if the EU does not manage to implement the vaccine passport system on time, Spain has suggested that they would introduce their own ‘green corridor’ or ‘travel bubble’ for UK tourists. This could be the key to ensuring seamless travel for British holidaymakers planning to fly south for the summer. The country is in discussion with the UK about ways to lift travel restrictions for those who have been inoculated against COVID-19, in case no collective EU decision comes forth in the near future.

Bear in mind that a vaccine passport scheme may cause some uncertainty about the travel eligibility of those in the younger age groups, or for those who cannot or will not be vaccinated. Moreover, the current vaccination timelines in the UK suggest that many people will not have received their first jab until July, and the second jab only in October. A vaccine certification would likely be issued only to those who have received the full course of the vaccine.

In the absence of a vaccine passport, countries would probably continue to accept negative COVID-19 results. Essentially, when the time comes to board that flight, the lack of a vaccine passport will not be used to discriminate against tourists. For Spain, vaccination passports – if and when introduced – will likely be one of a series of measures aimed to help the country regain tourism mobility.

In the UK, the tentative date for the lifting of travel restrictions is May 17th, but it is subject to several variables like infection rates and new Coronavirus variants. A task force will present a report on April 12th on how to resume international travel, which could throw further light on the way ahead. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has mentioned he is very confident that England will be free of restrictions by the end of June.

We understand that planning the first holiday since the pandemic will be a little stressful, which is why we are putting in place a number of COVID compliant checks and measures at Club MAC to take the safety concerns off your mind. What’s more, we will be offering everyone this year who books directly with Club MAC free medical insurance that covers COVID-19.

With our all-inclusive rates, a variety of leisure activities, and package holiday options for the entire family, we are ready to turn your summer holiday into a fantastic getaway experience. Our top-class services include different tiers of accommodation choices, restaurants with buffet breakfasts and dinners, indoor and outdoor bars, day and night-time entertainment activities, sports facilities and pools. However, the availability of these facilities will depend on active health regulations at the time of your visit, as will any requirements for wearing masks, social distancing, etc.

We will also be updating you periodically on any important changes in the travel situation in Spain, so keep watching this space. For more information on the EU Digital  Green Certificate, check out this factsheet released by the European Commission.

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