The best places to visit in Alcudia’s historic Old Town in 2021

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This year has been tough for everyone, and while many of you weren’t able to holiday at Club MAC Alcudia, we’re looking ahead to next summer!

Club MAC Alcudia has so much to do on site, it can be difficult to leave the resort. But it’s definitely worth it for a visit to Alcudia’s Old Town. It’s a great way to squeeze in local culture and some beautiful sites while you’re staying at Club MAC.


Alcudia’s Old Town is a great day trip during your stay at Club MAC

Many people confuse Alcudia and Port de’Alcudia, so here’s a quick rundown of the difference. The town of Alcudia is separate from the port due to constant pirate raids that hundreds of years ago. To stay away from the piracy and be safe, the majority of the population stayed within the sturdy walls of the Old Town. It’s a fascinating insight into the town’s long and colourful history.
From the town’s winding Medieval streets to its bustling market and imposing walls, there’s plenty to see and do. Here is our guide to Alcudia’s historic Old Town.


Things to do in Alcudia’s Old Town


  1. Walk the city walls

The Medieval city walls of Alcudia are impressive and walking them is a great way to get a sense of the town from above. King James II of Aragon built them as a defensive system to protect the town from the attack in the 14th century. The views over the bay are stunning and the 1.5km walk is easy once you’re up above the town. We suggest you use the Porta del Moll o de Xara tower (one of 26 around the town) and walk around from there. This tower is right next to the market, which is also well worth a visit.

  1. Explore the winding Medieval streets

One of the best ways to explore the Old Town of Alcudia is on foot. The streets of this beautiful Medieval town are narrow and winding, with plenty to discover along the way.

There are plenty of little shops to visit, as well as hidden bars and cafes if you need refreshment. The town hall is an important landmark to take in, and we also recommend that you stop by the wonderful Church of Sant Jaume. It’s an impressive Gothic building that was rebuilt in the 19th century and contains many beautiful paintings and sculptures.

  1. Eat and drink with views of the bay

Our all-inclusive offer at Club MAC Alcudia is always popular with guests. Who doesn’t like a breakfast buffet after all? You can choose from three restaurants with all-you-can-eat buffet breakfasts and buffet style themed dinners.

But we always encourage guests to eat out too. If you’re hungry while you’re exploring the Old Town, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. We like the Mirador de la Victoria for its great food and beautiful sea views. It also has some excellent dishes to try including Mallorcan paella and traditional stuffed aubergines.

  1. Discover our Roman heritage

Alcudia has a long and intriguing history, and some of its most interesting sites are the Roman ruins. The ancient Roman city of Pollentia was founded in 123 BCE and there is still plenty of it to see of it today. Highlights include the Forum (or old city square), the amphitheatre, and the excellent museum, which features many of the finds from the excavations at Pollentia.

  1. Shop at our local markets

Sundays and Tuesdays are market days in Alcudia’s Old Town, and it’s always a great time to visit. The market spills out past the Old Town walls and fills the surrounding streets, with plenty to browse and buy. It’s popular with local farmers who come from the surrounding area to sell their fruit and veg. It is also packed with stalls selling everything from souvenirs to clothes.

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