Find out all of the changes to Club MAC over the past five years

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Club MAC Alcudia has been welcoming holidaymakers to this beautiful part of Mallorca for more than 30 years. And over those years, we’ve seen many changes, upgrades and improvements to our services, resort and facilities.


Before you book for your summer holiday 2020 at Club MAC, take a look at some of the changes we’ve made over the last five years. Since 2014, we’ve upgraded rooms, added extra facilities, improved existing facilities and listened to guest feedback.


Changes to Club MAC over the past five years


 Each year we read reviews and listen to our guests. Where possible, changes are made to reflect the needs of our customers. We want to make your holiday at Club MAC the best it can be.


Club MAC is an all-inclusive three-star family resort, and our facilities reflect this. We have lots of bars, swimming pools, three restaurants, snack bars and everything else you’d expect from a family resort.


What did we change at Club MAC between 2014 and 2015?


Every TV in all of the rooms across the three hotel buildings was swapped to flat screen TVs. A mix of 40 inch and 32-inch flat screen TVs are now in every room in Jupiter, Marte and Saturno hotels.


Family suites were furnished with a minibar, kettle and hairdryer for 2015’s summer season. The previous year, these were only available in Premium rooms. We also added a full-length mirror to the wardrobes in every family suite.


The staircases in the Jupiter and Saturno buildings were retiled ready for the 2015 summer season, and glass shower screens added to Premium rooms. Other improvements include new curtains and bed throws in 110 rooms in Marte, full size mirrors added to every room in Saturno, a new loudspeaker sound system installed outdoors.


We also knocked the old Circus bar down and built a brand new one, installed WiFi antennas (one per two rooms) to improve signal, installed 110 new beds in Marte and Saturno respectively, soundproofed all air conditioning units in Saturno, added balconies to the four rooms without in Saturno and fixed new outside handles to balcony doors in Saturno.


Changes to Club MAC between 2015 and 2016


One of the biggest changes for the 2016 season was the new street built around the complex. We also refurbished the courtesy showers in Jupiter, installed new elevators in Marte, changed all corridor lighting throughout the hotel to environmentally friendly LED lighting and tiled every Saturno balcony.


This was also the year we made new rooms on the first floor of Saturno. These are currently used for soft play, the ironing room and for the T-zone space. All the electrical facilities in communal areas of Saturno were refurbished, and we installed new spotlights on the Circus stage. As well as all of this, the mini-golf course was refurbished, and new fencing was installed around the resort.


Changes to Club MAC ready for the 2017 summer season


Between the end of the 2016 season and the start of summer 2017 we worked hard on the following. We demolished the old Club House building and installed a fountain in its place, provided brand new mattresses and pillows for every room in the resort, installed a new sound system on the Circus stage, refurbished the playground, installed CCTV in the corridors, introduced the all-inclusive bracelet for access to the restaurants, shifted Guest Satisfaction and Guest House to Jupiter (Guest House moved to the Marte hall in 2018) and installed Macky and Misha’s caravan in the playground.


Change to Club MAC for the 2018 season


Between 2017 and 2018 we changed the locks in all of the rooms on site, installed fencing around the sports sand court, introduced the soft play area on the first floor of Saturno, provided hairdryers in all Standard rooms, installed new shower gel and shampoo dispensers in every room, added new sofa beds to 10 Premium rooms in Saturno, new banisters in 35 rooms in Marte. We also installed new safety fencing around the lake, CCTV in the luggage rooms, provided 100 new reclining sunbeds and re-enamelled 170 baths in Marte, eight in Jupiter and two in Saturno.


Most recent changes to Club MAC


All of this brings us up to changes made for the 2019 summer season. Before you joined us this year, we changed all of our sunbeds for reclining ones. This meant 1,500 new sunbeds. We also bought 1,600 new pool towels for Gold band clients, added kid’s amenities to the Gold band offering, installed fridges in every room, included previously paid for TV in every room type, swapped all safes for digital ones and included them free of charge in every room for the first time.


Other changes include free WiFi in every room, kettles in every room, refurbishment of the Saturno swimming pool terrace area, refurbishment of balconies in Jupiter and Saturno, new fountains in the lake, new LED screen for the Circus stage and new umbrellas and canopies for extra shade around Saturno’s swimming pools.


In addition, we introduced the Gold package, which offers guests free access to Fun World every day until 6pm, courtesy welcome drinks in the fridge, selection of branded drinks at the bars, a 15% discount at the Club MAC shop and a dedicated check-in area.


As you can see, we ensure that significant upgrades are made between every season at Club MAC. We’ll let you know in a future blog of the changes you can expect for the 2020 summer season. Book direct with us for the best deal for 2020 and 2021 and check out what else is new!


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