Simple Spanish words and phrases for your holiday at Club MAC

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Holiday at club mac Spanish words

Ola! Club MAC may be closed for the winter, but we’re all working hard to get everything ready for 2020. If you haven’t already booked your holiday at Club MAC for summer 2020, take a look online for the best prices.

Book directly with us and you’re guaranteed the best price and all you need is a 10% deposit to secure your room. Whether you’re booking for 2020, 2021 or just thinking about when to come next year, it’s never too early to get prepared. And while everyone on site speaks English, what better way to enjoy yourself than to speak Spanish while you’re here?


Simple Spanish words and phrases for your holiday at Club MAC


If your Spanish needs brushing up, or you don’t know any, now’s the time to learn the basics. It’s always more fun to speak the language of the country you’re visiting, and it’s super easy to learn basic Spanish words for your holiday at Club MAC. We’ve come up with some basic words and phrases that will make your holiday at Club MAC even more fun next year. See how many you can learn before you arrive.


Simple Spanish words

Hello: Ola (‘oh-lah’)

Yes: Si (pronounced ‘see’)

No: No (‘noh’)

Right: A la derecha (‘a la de-re-cha’)

Left: A la Izquierda (‘a la is-kyer-dah’)

Here: Aqui (‘a-key’)

There: Alli (‘a-yee’)

Please: Por favor (‘por fah-bor’)

Thank you: Gracias (‘grah-see-ahs’)

You’re welcome: De nada (‘day nah-dah’)

How’s things?: Qué tal? (‘keh tahl’)

I’m sorry: Lo Siento (‘loh see-ehn-toh’)

Goodbye: Adios (‘a-dee-os’)

What: Qué (‘keh’)

When: Cuando (‘kwon’doh’)

Where: Donde (‘dohn-day’)

How: Como (‘koh-moh’)

Why: Por qué (por-keh)


Essential Spanish phrases for your Mallorca holiday


Where is…?: Donde esta? (‘dohn-deh eh-stah’)

Where is the nearest…?:  Donde esta el/la…(‘dohn-deh eh stah el/lah’)

What time is it?: Que hora es? (‘keh oh-rah es’)

I would like…?: Me gustaria (‘meh goo-stag-ree-ah’)

I want… Quiero (‘kee-airo’)

I need… Necesito (‘neh-she-see-toh’)

Excuse me: Con Permiso or Perdon (‘pehr-dohn’)

Can I have…?: Puedo tener (‘pweh-doh tehn-air’)


Eating out in Alcudia – useful Spanish phrases to learn


All of our Club MAC staff speak English so eating on site doesn’t necessarily need any Spanish words. But if you’re heading out to the port area to try the local restaurants and bars, these phrases will be useful.


Can I have the bill please?: La cuenta, por favour (‘lah kwen-tah por fah-bor’)

Can I have a menu please?: La carta, por favour (‘lah cah-tah por fah-bor’)

What time is dinner?: A que hora es la cena? (‘ah keh oh-rah es lah say-nah)

Do you have a table for four at 8pm?: Tiene una mesa para cuatro personas a las ocho? (‘tee-ay-nay ohh-nah meh-sah pah-rah kwah-troh per-so-nas ah las oh-cho’)


Need some help at Club MAC?


If you want to test out your Spanish while you’re staying with us, you are more than welcome. Here are a few phrases that could be handy.


Where is the swimming pool?: Donde esta la piscina? (‘dohn-deh eh-stag lah pee-seen-ah’)

What time does the bar close?: A que hora el bar cerca? (‘ah keh oh-rah el bah ser-cah)

There are no towels in my room?: No hay toallas en mi habitacion? (‘noh eye toe-ah-yas en me hah-bee-tas-see-ohn’)

Can you change the towels please? Puede cambiar las toallas por favor?

Can you change the bed sheets please? Puede cambiar las sábanas por favor?

The TV isn’t working: La television no funciona (‘lah the-leh-vi-she-ohn noh fun-see-oh-nah’)


Medical and emergency phrases


If you have any problems on site at Club MAC, where medical or otherwise, talk to the team. But if you’re out and about, it’s handy to understand some key phrases.


Where can I find a doctor?: Donde puedo encontrar un medico? (‘don-deh pweh-doh en-con-trah oon meh-dee-koh’)

Where is the nearest pharmacy?: Donde esta la farmacia mas proxima? (‘don-deh eh-stah la far-ma-c-amas prok-see-ma’)

What’s wrong?: Que pasa? {‘keh pah-sah’)

I need insect repellent: Necesito repelente de insectos (‘neh-ce-see-toh re-peh-len-the deh in-sec-tos’)

My child is allergic to: My hijo es alérgico a

Gluten: gluten

Eggs: Huevos

Dairy: Lácteos

Fish: Pescado

Molluscs: Moluscos

Shellfish: Crustáceos

Nuts: Frutos secos

Soy: Soja

Celery: Apio

Mustard: Mostaza

Sesame: Sésamo

Lupins: Altramuz

Sulphites: Sulfitos


Some general conversational phrases


Can you repeat that please?: Repita por favour (‘reh-pee-tah por fah-bor’)

I don’t understand: No entiendo (‘noh en-tee-en-doh’)

My name is…: Me llamo es… (‘meh yah-moh es’)

What time is it?: Que hora es? (‘keh oh-rah es’).


Brush up on these simple phrases and you’ll be more than ready for your holiday at Club MAC in 2020. Adios!











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