Catch up on the spooky goings on for Halloween at Club MAC

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Club Mac Halloween party 2019 decorations


It just so happens that the last week of the 2019 summer season at Club MAC Alcudia ends with the spookiest time of the year. Not only is it half term for many families, it’s also Halloween week. Which is why our entertainment team has been hosting a number of special scary events.


From spooky costume competitions to ghostly discos, there has been plenty of scary goings on to celebrate the end of the season and Halloween. And don’t forget to get in their early to book your holiday for next year too. Book directly with us for the best prices.

 Club Mac Halloween party kids costume


What’s been happening for Halloween at Club MAC?


 Halloween is a special day for Club MAC every year. We love to celebrate with all the traditional spooky fun, of course, but it also marks the last day of the summer season. We’ve had a fantastic 2019 and have welcomed lots of families to Club MAC for their holidays. And to mark Halloween itself, we haven’t been slacking!


And while original plans had to be shelved due to poor weather, we improvised and put on a spooky show. Here’s how we celebrated at Club MAC…


Club Mac Halloween party 2019


Family Halloween workshop – on the afternoon of 21 October, we held a special workshop for families. Plenty of eager mini maccers joined us for a special ad hoc monster mask workshop.


Horror Mini Disco – The Circus stage had a special Halloween disco planned for the on 22nd October. Rain stopped play so we moved it inside and had a mini-disco with candy for the kids.


Family MonsterChef – On Sunday 27 October we adapted our normal MasterChef contest into a special Halloween edition. Families battled it out to see who could make the best spider shaped pop cake and blood coloured cocktail. The winner was 11-year-old Alba from Palma.

 Club Mac Halloween Party 2019 family


Horror Treasure Hunt – In Jupiter Square there a special family event. Seven families dressed up as ghosts, zombies and vampires and played a range of Halloween themed games. They had to make a mummy costume with toilet roll, find a spell in the lake on a pedalo, enter the room said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl called Manolita. The winners were the fastest family and prizes went to everyone.


 Pumpkin carving workshop – We invited 40 kids (and adults!) to our special pumpkin carving workshop. What’s Halloween without a properly carved pumpkin after all?


Creepy tournament – Another of our usual activities was adapted so that it fit the theme of Halloween. This time we ran archery lessons with a very different target -creepy pumpkins!


Trick or treat – In the evening of 27 Oct, we held our annual horrific parade. Everyone dressed up in fabulous spooky costumes and we took our parade of scary kids collecting sweets from all the bars on site. Everyone ended up with plenty of candy and hit the Circus stage for another special Horror Mini Disco.


Club MAC Horror Show – Our Halloween extravaganza finished up with our entertainment team putting on a scary show of their own. The evening was a huge success, with singing, dancing in special costumes with light and fire and the big winners of our Club MAC Halloween costume competition.

 Club Mac Halloween party 2019 costumes


As you can see, Club MAC’s Halloween celebrations had something for everyone, and despite a short spell of rubbish weather, much scary fun was had. We love to celebrate the end of the season with Halloween and hope that everyone enjoyed it too. To book your holiday at Club MAC for 2020 or 2021, head to our website. You’ll find all the booking information you need to secure your rooms for next year.


Look out for our blog over the winter, which will continue every week, and have a very happy Halloween wherever you are!



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