Come and celebrate Halloween at the family-friendly Club MAC Alcudia resort

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Happy Halloween from Club MAC

There’s less than a month to go until the spookiest time of the year – Halloween! And at Club MAC, we have the perfect way to celebrate with the family.

On 22 October 2019, we’re throwing a Halloween Party. There will be scary games, spooky music, dancing and much more. Most importantly, there will be a huge Halloween costume competition. It’s open to children and adults, so don’t forget to bring your costumes from home. You could be in line for a very special (and scary!) prize.


We throw the best Halloween party at our family-friendly Club MAC Alcudia resort


Halloween in the UK is a magical time of year. Over recent years, more and more people have taken to celebrating the 31 October. Traditional party games like bobbing for apples, dressing up in scary costumes and carving pumpkins into jack o’lanterns are just some Halloween themed fun.

Of course, in the UK you’ll be doing all this while the wind blows, and the temperatures fall. Celebrating Halloween in Mallorca means all of the scary fun and none of the scary temperatures! Average temperatures in Alcudia hover at the mid-20s right until the end of October, so with Club MAC Halloween celebrations you can be sunbathing at the same time.


Why do we celebrate Halloween?


Many of the traditions followed in the UK for Halloween come from the American style of celebration. These include trick or treating and dressing in outlandish costumes, often with all kinds of themes. However, the origins of Halloween go all the way back to an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain.

The festival was a pre-Christian marking of the end of summer and the start of winter. It also symbolises the boundary between the dead and the living. Celtic people thought that on 31 October, ghosts of dead relatives would come back to the mortal world. Celtic priests called druids would lead the celebrations, by lighting fires to ward off evil spirits.

When the Christianity reached Britain, Christian Festivals took over from Celtic ones. This is when All Hallows’ Day (also called All Saints Day), was introduced. This day was meant to remember martyrs who died for their beliefs. This was original on 13 May, but Pope Gregory shifted it to 1 November in the 8th century. In this way the Celtic Samhain and the Christian All Saint’s Day melded together to form Halloween.


Halloween in Majorca and Spain


Halloween in Spain has a different vibe to the American style celebration. It has a more traditional feel. 1 November is Dia de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day) and Spanish families head to the graves of their dead relatives to pay tribute with flowers.

Different regions of Spain celebrate in different ways. For example, in Malaga there is a big zombie march, with people dressed up as vampires, goblins, zombies and witches. In Galicia, north west Spain, 31 October is called Noite los Calacus (Night of the Pumpkins), and people carve them in the same way as those in the UK.

Don’t forget that at Club MAC, we’re celebrating Halloween a little early. Our party is on 22 October 2019. And if you’re in the UK, we hope you have lots of spooky fun too. For a last-minute break at Club MAC, check dates and book online.


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