What’s it like towards the end of summer season at Club MAC?

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Summer at Club Mac

We are already more than half-way through September – our penultimate month of the summer season at Club MAC 2019. As with every year, the Club MAC team is working hard right the way through the opening season to ensure everyone has a great holiday.


Club MAC Alcudia is open from 1 May to 31 October (the last night you can stay this year is 30 October 2019). This gives you plenty of choice when booking your holiday. If you’re a sun-worshipper, then June to August are your ideal months. If you like a quieter, slower pace with plenty of sun but lower temperatures, then September and October could be ideal for you.


The long summer season at Club MAC runs from May to October


We’ve welcomed hundreds of families already this year, with plenty of people enjoying a hot, sunny holiday in Alcudia with us. But we’re not only a high-season resort. We ensure that there is plenty to enjoy right the way through to the end of October. And while in the UK, Autumn means rain and wind, over here in Mallorca we’re usually sunny and warm.


All of our activities are open until the end of October, with the exception of some specific programmes. For example, our teenage-specific activities are only available in July and August, but there is still plenty to do for everyone.


The resort tends to be a little quieter in September and October, as the schools in the UK have gone back for the Autumn term. Temperatures in Alcudia are also slightly lower than in the hottest summer months.


Temperatures at Club MAC during September and October


Highs still reach 30 degrees Celsius until around the middle of September, and throughout the final month of the season you can still expect temperatures to reach about 26 degrees Celsius. These are based on average temperatures and can’t be guaranteed. But we’re confident that you will definitely get a suntan during October at Club MAC!


If you’re thinking of booking your holiday at Club MAC for 2020 and you’re not sure which month to choose, have a look at average temperatures throughout the summer. August is generally the hottest month in Mallorca, with temperatures remaining high. September starts to become cooler, particularly at night. By October, you’re looking at sunny days with gentler temperatures. The great thing about coming to Club MAC in October means more space on the beach, more access to sunbeds and more time topping up your tan without burning!


What if it rains at Club MAC?


Of course, there is a higher chance of storms during September and, to a greater extent, October. At Club MAC, we don’t let a bit of rain and wind stop the fun! We move evening entertainment inside and carry on regardless. Any rain we do have tends to pass very quickly, giving way once more to sunshine and blue sky. As we are situated near the beach, we tend to experience warmer temperatures for longer than places located more inland.


So, if you fancy spending Autumn on the beach in Mallorca, book a late holiday with Club MAC Alcudia. Booking direct with us guarantees the best prices, and gives you freedom to book cheaper flights nearer your holiday dates. Contact us online to book for 2020 and remember you can always cancel right up until midnight the night before you’re due to arrive. It’s just a 10% deposit to reserve your booking.


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