Tips for travelling and holidays with your baby

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What is there at Club MAC for babies and toddlers?

Club MAC Alcudia specialises in family holidays, and we welcome every age group – including babies. Going on holiday with babies and young children might seem intimidating, particularly if it’s your first time abroad with them. But we welcome lots of families with babies, toddlers and young children every year. Here are some tips for travelling and holidaying with your baby.


Holidays with your baby should be stress-free

Babies can travel on airlines as soon as you’re ready to take then. You will need to get a passport sorted, and make sure your baby is covered by your travel insurance. If your child’s surname is different from yours, you will need to take extra documentation – check the Government’s official travel advice for all the details.


Generally, babies are easier to travel with than older children. All they need is to be held, fed regularly and to feel secure. Many parents find that the motion of the plane helps them sleep.


Taking the right gear for travelling will make your life easier. A baby sling can be a great help when travelling by plane, as it can keep your hands free to sort out tickets, money and luggage, and keep your baby feeling secure. A lightweight pushchair or stroller that can be easily collapsed and folded up can be useful too. They take up little space and are practical for air travel.


What to pack for your baby

At Club MAC, when you book a room with a baby 23 months old or younger, we automatically provide a cot. You don’t need to request cots specifically unless you need one for a child who is two years or older, in which case let the hotel know before you arrive.


Bringing your baby’s own bedding can help them settle down and sleep better as they are used to the smell of your laundry. If you travel with a carrycot, make sure it’s one that also works for overnight sleeping, as they’re not all suitable.


If your baby tends to wake up as soon as the sun rises, all our rooms have black out blinds, which should help them sleep through. A sunshade for your pushchair, and plenty of hats and clothes with full coverage are necessary due to the hot Mallorcan sun. You can hire all kinds of equipment while at Club MAC, including pushchairs, if you’d rather travel as light as possible. Our on-site shop sells baby powder, nappies, formula and other baby-orientated products, and there is a chemist located just a few minutes’ walk from Club MAC.


If you’re bringing a baby monitor or nightlight, then make sure you also pack an adaptor for the sockets. Don’t worry if you forget, as you can always purchase one when you’ve arrived. Don’t forget a couple of favourite toys and books too. Baby supplies that are useful on holiday include high-factor sunscreen, nappies baby wipes, a changing mat, tissues, bibs, steriliser kit, bottles and formula. A small first-aid kit is always a good idea, with infant paracetamol, sticking plasters, colic treatment and teething gel.
Feeding your baby at Club MAC

If you’re feeding with formula, you can stash a few packs of ready-made formula in your hand luggage while travelling. It’s also available at the local chemist and supermarket. Travel sterilisers are available for hire if you don’t want to pack your own.

While travelling, baby milk and food is free from restrictions for liquids on aeroplanes, so you can pack as much as you need for the journey without worrying. Feeding your baby during key points on the journey can help distract them. For example, if you feed them during take-off and landing, you can help to ease any earache caused by pressure changes.

When you get to Club MAC, you can either heat up your choice of baby food using the microwaves in our restaurants and in communal areas when the restaurants are closed, hire a microwave for your room, or order one of our freshly made baby purees, which are available every mealtime.


Protecting your baby from the sun

Too much sun on your children’s skin can increase the chances of skin cancer when they get older, according to the NHS. In the short-term, of course, sunburn can stop everyone having fun on holiday. Babies under six months old should always be shaded from strong sunlight, even on holiday. It’s also not recommended for babies under six months old to swim in chlorinated pools.

Always use sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15. Make sure it protects against both UVA and UVB and apply it regularly to areas not protected by clothes. Take loose, cotton clothes for your baby, as well as plenty of sun hats, and don’t forget sunglasses to protect their eyes. They should meet the British Standard 1836: 2005 and have the CE checkmark on the label.

If you go in the water with your baby, make sure that your sunscreen is water resistant, and always apply it straight away when you get out of the water. This applies even with ‘water resistant’ sunscreen, as it can easily be rubbed off by mistake. We hope you have a happy and stress-free holiday with your baby at Club MAC!

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