Wednesday night menu is packed with Chinese themed treats

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Club MAC food

If you’re missing your Chinese takeaway while you’re on holiday at Club MAC, don’t worry. We have you covered! Every Wednesday night in our three restaurants, we offer a ‘Chinese night’ at dinner time.


Whether you choose to eat in Marte, Jupiter or Saturno restaurant, you will have the choice of a delicious range of Chinese-themed food, as well as some old favourites too. The kid’s corner is still stocked with everything they love, and you can order one of our freshly made purees for your baby too. There really is something for all the family! Let’s take a closer look at the Wednesday night menu.


Chinese night every Wednesday

Start your dinner with hot and sour soup for a traditional Chinese flavour and follow it with a choice of main dishes. Meat eaters can tuck into beef with mushrooms, bamboo and soybean, sweet and sour chicken or chicken satay. Vegetarians can choose from vegetable and curry samosas, Chinese spicy cabbage and stir fried vegetables in red curry sauce.


The fish dish is Cantonese style saithe (pollock), and over in Chef’s Corner you’ll find prawn crackers, teriyaki skewers and spring rolls. Side dishes include broccoli in oyster sauce, stir-fried vegetables with sesame seeds, fried rice, Singapore style noodles, Chinese toast, Chow Mein (noodles) and, of course French fries.


Traditional options available

If you’re more in the mood for traditional English and Spanish food, then you still have plenty of options. The show cooking stations offer grilled pork chops, fillet of bream, roast potatoes, asparagus, pasta, spaghetti with tomato sauce and a range of other sauces. On the salad bar there are a wide variety of green leaves, various crudités, roast veal slices, fresh fish and a range of dressings.


Over in kids’ corner, your littlest ones can choose from grilled pork loin, chicken nuggets, British sausage, margherita pizza, mashed potatoes, smiley potatoes and baked beans. Or they can have a bit of everything!


Baby purees can be ordered specially. They are freshly made by our chefs and use only 100% olive oil and fresh ingredients. You can choose from chicken, veal, fish or lamb, all with vegetables. Or there is a vegetable only option if you prefer. You can also use the microwaves to heat up milk or another baby food if your prefer.


Don’t forget the desserts!

Make sure you leave room for dessert, no matter how tempting the buffets are! As usual, our Club MAC chefs ensure there is a vast array of puddings, desserts and cakes to choose from, for the perfect ending to your meal.


On Wednesdays, the dessert buffet is packed with chocolate cake, creamy mousse, doughnuts, lychees, profiteroles with truffles, strawberry crème caramel, a tartlet smothered with fruits of the forest, a light chocolate bavarois, coffee savarin, apple tartlet, fresh fruit, yoghurts and cheese with crackers. Delicious.

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