Different room layouts at Club MAC Alcudia

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Confused about the best room type for your family holiday? Here’s a handy summary of the different types of room at Club MAC Alcudia, to make it easier than ever to book your holiday with us.

If you book directly with us online or by phone, you only need to pay a 10% deposit and pay the rest when you arrive. You can also cancel all the way up to midnight the night before the day of your planned arrival, and if you find a better price anywhere else simply email it to us and we will match it. Booking direct is the best way to get the best price.

Room types

We have three different room types at Club MAC: Standard, Premium and Family Suites. With regard to facilities, Standard Rooms don’t have a fridge or WiFi included, although both can be hired separately. Premium and Family Suites come with a kettle, fridge and WiFi included.

There are 1024 rooms in total across the complex, split as follows:

  • JUPITER: 216 Standard Rooms, 174 Premium Rooms, 44 Family Suites
  • MARTE: 281 Standard Rooms, 1 Premium Room, 0 Family Suites
  • SATURNO: 250 Standard Rooms, 31 Premium Rooms, 27 Family Suites.

As you can see, Jupiter is the biggest hotel with 434 rooms, followed by Saturno with 308 rooms and then Marte is the smallest with 282 rooms.

Room configurations

The bed arrangements for the rooms are as follows:

  • Standard Rooms

403 have 2 double beds

212 have a double bed plus a single bed

52 have a double bed and a sofa bed

31 have a double bed and bunk beds

24 have just a double bed

21 have twin beds

2 have other configurations.

  • Premium Rooms

194 have a double bed and bunk beds

12 have a double bed and sofa bed

  • Family Suites

All 71 have a double bed plus bunk beds plus a sofa bed.

Specific room requests

As there are very few rooms of some types, for example if you want a Standard Room with a sofa bed there are 52 available, you will need to specify when you book if you want a certain configuration. We will make a note of your request and consider it when rooms are allocated.

Room upgrades are only possible on arrival and they are also subject to availability. Prices can vary depending on demand. You can only upgrade before your arrival if you book directly with us or via our website. If you have booked this way and would like to talk about a potential upgrade, please email us at booking@clubmac.es

Don’t forget to book direct online for the best deals, and we look forward to helping you find the ideal room for your holiday at Club MAC!

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