How to choose the best travel insurance for your needs

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When you book your holiday to Club MAC, you’ll be looking forward to all of the fun we have to offer. We are ideal for family holidays, particularly with children, as the resort is packed with activities, swimming pools, all-inclusive food and drink and more. But it’s important not to forget the more mundane aspects of going on holiday, and one of the most important is travel insurance.

Why you need travel insurance

It can seem like just another expense, but travel insurance is really important. A standard travel insurance policy will normally provide cover for delays and cancellations, medical expenses if you need to visit a hospital or doctor while on holiday, and personal liability if you damage someone or their things.

We have an on-site doctor at Club MAC Alcudia, who is happy to help you with any problems you have. Please note that if your travel insurance policy has an excess, this will have to be paid, so choose a policy without an excess in order to see the on-site doctor without having to pay.

Travel insurance isn’t just about accessing a doctor, it’s also about protecting your bags and possessions. The most important aspect is cover if you need emergency assistance or need to be repatriated back to the UK due to illness or injury. While it’s hoped that none of these problems get in the way of your family holiday at Club MAC Alcudia, travel insurance is an absolute must.

Average claim

The average medical claim on a travel insurance policy is around £1,000, and if the worst should happen and someone dies abroad then getting back to the UK can reach heights of £17,000. Despite these high figures, travel policies start from less than £5 per person, and around £17 for a family.

Make sure you buy the policy with plenty of time to go before your holiday, as this will cover you if you run into certain problems beforehand. This could be some kind of cancellation by travel companies or traveller illness.

European Health Insurance Card

At the moment, as the UK is still in the EU until March 2019, the basics are covered in an emergency situation at no cost with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) scheme. It covers treatment that is deemed necessary until you can get home and is provided on the same basis as it would be to someone who lives I the country, either free or at a reduced cost.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet known how Brexit will affect medical assistance, but for now the scheme is still in place. Make sure you have a card before you join us at Club MAC – you can register and get one for free at the NHS site.

However, EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance, and you still need a good policy. When deciding which one to go for, consider the duration first. Do you want an annual policy or a one-off just for a specific time frame? It depends how many times a year you and your family travel.

Different policies

Of course, not all travel insurance policies are the same, so you must read the small print and ensure it provides what you need for your family. Family travel insurance is usually suitable for two adults and up to four kids under 18, for example. This will generally be cheaper than insuring each person individually. Watch out for the small print as they vary by insurer when it comes to age restrictions, whether you all live together or whether you’re a single parent family.

Standard insurance policies don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions. So, if you have a condition that you have previously had treatment for, or have gone t the doctor about, you must give these details to the insurer. This includes things like cancer, heart problems, asthma and many more, and even if it was years ago, it’s still relevant.

Those with pre-existing conditions will pay more for travel insurance, but if you don’t disclose the information and problems arise, your claim will be completely rejected, and you’ll get nothing. Even after you’ve given your medical history, you may still be offered standard insurance, or something that isn’t too much more.

Whichever policy you land on, we hope you have a safe and illness free holiday at Club MAC Alcudia! Don’t forget to book directly with us either online or by phone. We offer free cancellation right up to midnight the day before your arrival, and you only need to pay a 10% deposit to secure your booking.

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