How you help to preserve Majorca while on holiday with Club MAC

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How you help to preserve Majorca while on holiday with Club MAC


Whether this is your first visit to Majorca, or you’re returning to Club MAC Alcudia for another year, you’ll notice during your stay how beautiful our island is. We love welcoming people to our Balearic Island so they can see at first hand just how gorgeous it is, but we also need your help to maintain this beauty.

Tax for Sustainable Tourism

And that’s why the tourist tax (Tax for Sustainable Tourism) was introduced on1 July 2016. It’s charged on all overnight stays across all tourist accommodation on the Balearic Islands.

When you contribute your tax after your stay at Club MAC, you are directly helping us to make important investments in the future sustainability of the environment in Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera.

What’s the tax used for?

The money levied through the tax goes on the following:

  • The environment

This is the most important purpose for the tax, which goes on the preservaytion, protection and recovery of the local environment. This is everything from protecting natural parks to strengthening conservation of native flora and fauna.

  • Sustainable tourism

The island can benefit from investment into the promotion of low-season and sustainable tourism. If more people come to Majorca during the spring, winter and autumn, then we can create more jobs.

  • Cultural heritage

The tax also goes on the rehabilitation of the cultural and historic heritage of the Balearic Islands. By repairing archaeological sites and historically important buildings, we can then make them accessible to tourists.

  • Research

The islands work hard to promote scientific research that will help the fight against climate change. The idea is to maintain the islands as they are right now, surrounded by a clean sea and a healthy environment.

  • Jobs and training

Creating better jobs and maintaining a higher off-season employment rate across the Balearic Islands is important for their future longevity.

How much do you pay?

At Club Mac, the cost of tourism taxi is minimal. In 3 star hotels such as Club Mac, you will be charged will be charged two Euros per night (plus VAT) for every person aged 16 and above. From the ninth night of your stay onwards, this amount is cut by 50%.

This reasonable sum allows you to enjoy your holiday in the beautiful surroundings of Alcudia, but also know that you and your family can enjoy it for many years to come.

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