How to have fun in the sun at Club MAC

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Club MAC have fun in the sun


One of the reasons holidaymakers flock to our resort in Alcudia is the weather! In our corner of the most beautiful Balearic Islands, the sun shines all summer long. And that means visitors to Majorca can expect temperatures in the high 20s to early 30s throughout their stay.

As tempting as it can be to throw caution to the wind and pack in as much outdoor activity, playtime and sun worship as possible, avoiding sunburn is key to having a good holiday.

Don’t suffer from sunburn

Whether it’s the kids, grandparents or parents, suffering from sunburn is no fun at all. In fact, it’s one of the fastest ways to ruin a good time. While adults are generally sun savvy these days, watching out for the kids’ skin is important.

At Club MAC, we have a team of dedicated sun experts on site (check with reception for days and times). They can talk you through the best way to protect your family’s skin from the harmful effects of the strong sunshine. They also have plenty of products to demonstrate with, and you can buy from them if you forgot to pack enough sunscreen. Don’t forget you can also buy sunscreen and after sun moisturiser in the on-site shop at Club MAC.

Tips to soothe sunburn

If you or your family are suffering from the dreaded sunburn, don’t worry. There are easy steps to take to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of family fun times. Here are our tips to soothe sunburn as quickly as possible:

  • Get in the shade – no one should spend too much time in the sun during the hottest part of the day (generally from around 11am to 3pm). There is plenty of shade around the swimming pools at Club MAC, so make sure you encourage everyone underneath a parasol regularly. Reapply sunscreen at intervals and watch out for washing it off while you swim. While some sunscreens claim to be a once-only application, we advise reapplying regularly throughout the day.
  • Stay hydrated – finding yourself sunburned and woozy from too little water is a sure-fire way to ruin your day. Drink plenty of cool water all day when you’re in the sunshine. Drinks from the bar don’t count, and for kids, water is better than anything else for speedy hydration. This will help you feel good, but also protect the skin more.
  • Cool down – while jumping in and out of he pool can make you feel less hot under the collar, it doesn’t protect your skin. Even if you stayed in the pool all day, your head and shoulders would inevitably be exposed to the sun. The best way to regulate body temperature if you have had too much sun is to head to your room, take some time out and have a cool bath. This will soothe the skin and bring your core body temperature down to more comfortable levels.
  • Apply moisturiser – even if you don’t feel burned, applying moisturiser after being out in the sun is a good idea. If you are treated sunburn, then choose an after sun lotion specially formulated with aloe vera to soothe and cool the skin.
  • Take painkillers – if you or your family member is smarting from sunburn, then over the counter pain killers can take the edge off.

If you follow all these tips and remember to stay out of the full glare of the midday sun, we can pretty much guarantee a sun-packed, fun-packed holiday for everyone!

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