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Here at Club MAC Alcudia, we supply all the essential services you need to enjoy your time in Majorca. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, you can visit our medical centre, where our on-site doctor, will strive to help you get better. Keep reading to find out about Club MAC’s medical services…

Resort medical centre

You can find the Club MAC Alcudia medical centre at our resort’s main reception, which also provides a range of other services, from currency exchange to laundry facilities. Our medical centre is operated by Juaneda, one of the largest private health care groups on Majorca. With over 50 centres and three hospitals, one in Alcudia, based on the Island, Juaneda is regarded as a first-rate local health provider.

Meet the doctor

The Club MAC Alcudia medical centre is staffed by Juaneda doctor Saúl Muñoz. He started working at Club MAC Alcudia in June 2016, so this doctor is now in his second season with us. Our doctor is available on-site from 9am to 6pm every day, but Juaneda supply a 24 hour medical service. If you have an emergency out of hours, all you need to do is call reception to get help from a doctor.

Health services

The medical centre provides a wide range of services. As well as supplying general medical advice, it offers care for guests who arrive at Club MAC with pre-existing conditions, such as conducting blood sugar controls and blood pressure for diabetic patients. If Juaneda can’t treat you at the on-site medical centre, the company can refer you to their hospital in Alcudia for more extensive care.

Surgical services

The Juaneda-run Club MAC medical centre may be small, but it can provide a limited range of surgical services in cases of emergencies. The centre includes all the equipment necessary for intubation and ventilation, as well as an oxygen tank and a defibrillator. But if you experience an emergency and the centre doesn’t have the surgical tools needed to treat you, you don’t need to worry. Juaneda’s Alcudia hospital is just five minutes away, so an ambulance can come out to pick you up extremely quickly.

Medical advice

We recently asked Saúl Muñoz what health advice he would give to guests staying at Club MAC. Responding, he said: “The first and most important one is use the common sense and follow basic hygiene rules. One of the main attractions here is the sun. I strongly suggest to take extra care and use constantly high factor sun cream. We want the guests to enjoy their holidays in the safest way possible,” showing that he is committed to ensuring you stay safe with Club MAC at every turn.

Enjoy your getaway

When you fly out to Majorca and stay at first-rate family holiday resort Club MAC Alcudia, you’ll want to make the most of every single moment. You won’t want to fritter away time in your room feeling ill, while missing out on the Island’s many attractions. Thanks to Juaneda, you won’t have to, as the doctors in their medical centre will make sure you recover as quickly as possible at Club MAC!

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