Spotlight On Club MAC’S Guest Satisfaction Department

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Here at Club MAC Alcudia, an outstanding Majorcan family holiday resort, we never stop trying to improve your experience with us. Last year, we opened our Guest Satisfaction Department to make sure that when you stay at our resort, you have everything you need to make amazing memories…

Guest Satisfaction Department

After the 2014 season, we asked ourselves, “what can we do to improve the service we offer our guests?” We looked at our reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor and realised that if we collected all of this knowledge in one place, we’d be better positioned to learn what our guests want from us, allowing us to look after their general well-being. This led us to open the Department in 2015.

Commenting, Club MAC Alcudia’s Hotel Manager, Vicente Gimenez said: “Our biggest challenge in meeting guest satisfaction is understanding what our customers want. You need insight directly from the consumer, which is why we set up the Guest Satisfaction Department at Club MAC. Every guest request is logged and actioned… [helping] us build a picture of what our consumers require.”

Meet the team

Our Guest Satisfaction Department, based in guest house next to our main reception, has since strived to ensure that all guests enjoy their stay with us to the full. We hire three staff members full-time and one part time to run the department, who are always ready to handle guest enquiries. The team is headed by Nathalie Jaguin, who is responsible for making sure the Department always runs smoothly.

Lisa Calpin supplies our guests with essential information on our resort and helps them with any issues they may face while staying with us. Lisa also registers any accidents that happen at Club MAC during the season, so we can keep the resort safe, with the help of Sam, who is also responsible for putting information into our system. The team is rounded out by Francine, who arranges deliveries of birthday, anniversary, honeymoon cards and tokens to guests, along with gifts for our regular visitors.

Always helping guests

With this talented team, our Guest Satisfaction Department is always ready to handle any problems guests may have while visiting Club MAC Alcudia. Whether a guest’s issues are major or minor, the Department will help as quickly as possible. We recently asked Nathalie to tell us a story where the Department’s team dealt with a guest problem, to ensure they had a great time, to illustrate this point.

Responding, Nathalie said: “During the past few years, we have organised a wedding blessing as well as a special event for a 50th wedding anniversary. These are good memories but also we believe every complaint is an opportunity to help and we are just very happy when a guest comes and shows their appreciation about our support. We love getting to know our guests and winning their friendship.”

Forming lasting bonds

Nathalie made it clear what Club MAC Alcudia’s Guest Satisfaction Department is all about. While you stay with us, the Department’s expert team will get to know you, so we can give you whatever you need for a great stay and form a friendship and all make cherished holiday memories together! With our support, you can make the most of your time in sun-drenched paradise Majorca!

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