What Does All-Inclusive Mean At Club MAC Alcudia?

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When you stay at Club MAC Alcudia, you receive an all-inclusive experience. To help you understand what you get when you book a trip, we ask: what does all-inclusive mean at Club MAC Alcudia?

Fabulous family resort

Club MAC Alcudia is a fabulous family holiday resort, based near the port town of Alcudia, which is nestled along the north-eastern edge of popular tourist hotspot Majorca. With such a great location, you can visit a range of attractions, such as Alcudia’s fascinating old town, when staying at our resort.

You’ll also find a ton of things to do in our resort itself, so you’ll never be bored when staying at Club MAC Alcudia. Among other things, we have nine different pools for you to choose from, two natural lakes and various sporting facilities, as well daytime and night-time entertainment. At this point you may be wondering, how much will you have to pay to take advantage of these wonderful facilities?

Explaining all-inclusive

This is where the all-inclusive experience part comes in. While you’re at Club MAC, you don’t have to pay anything on top of your initial booking fee to use these facilities! We should also point out that as part of your all-inclusive booking, you’ll get free food and drinks from restaurants and bars across the resort, so you can try out popular themed buffet menus without paying an extra penny.

At our restaurants, you can find a range of dishes from delicious fresh eggs in the morning, to sumptuous grilled meats at night. With vegetarian and a kid’s corner also available, you get real value for money with us. We should also note that access to the Hidro Park, a water park based just across the road, is included in our prices, making our resort an even more cost effective holiday destination.

Although food, drink and sunbeds aren’t included in the price, you can also nip back to the hotel for meals!

Getting add ons

One the most frequently asked questions we get here at Club MAC is, “what is not included in the price when booking a stay at the resort.” Our all-inclusive prices cover most of the services available here at this outstanding family holiday resort, but you will have to pay to use some additional services.

Things excluded from booking prices include access to internet on our PCs, pool tables, games machines, Fun World games and car rental services. You will also need to pay for launderette services, to hire extra items for Club MAC rooms, medical services and for items sold in our souvenir shop and in the markets by our natural lakes, although you can secure these items and services for great prices.

Cheap family getaway 

When we say that you get an all-inclusive experience at Club MAC Alcudia, we mean that when booking a stay with us, you won’t have to pay extra to access to most of our first-rate services. With great food, drink and activities available at our resort for free, you’re sure to have a cheap, memorable family getaway with us when travelling out to sun-drenched tourist paradise Majorca!

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