Visit Majorca’s Sa Dragonera Natural Park

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Club MAC Alcudia Majorca’s Sa Dragonera Natural Park

Majorca is nature lover’s paradise. When you visit Club MAC Alcudia, a top family holiday resort based on the Island, you’ll be able to enjoy some of its most stunning natural attractions. You may want to include Majorca’s Sa Dragonera Natural Park on your itinerary, when spending time in the Balearics.

Stunning natural attractions

You don’t have to travel far from Club MAC Alcudia to explore Majorca’s rich natural beauty. There are two natural lakes in our resort, which attract many bird species in spring and autumn. There are also a range of stunning natural sites near Alcudia, like the protected La Victoria peninsula, famous for its wild olive trees and cypress plantations and the mountainous Puig de San Martí region.

By travelling further afield, you can discover even more unique natural attractions. South-West Majorca, around an hour’s drive from Club MAC, is one of the Island’s most breath-taking regions. Here you’ll find beautiful golden sandy beaches, the picturesque foothills of the majestic Tramuntana Mountains and so much more. When visiting make time to stop by the Sa Dragonera Natural Park, which is one of the most popular tourist draws in the region.

Sa Dragonera

The Sa Dragonera Natural Park is not actually based on Majorca. It lies just off the coast, separated from the mainland by a small channel of water. The Park is made up of three islets, Illot des Pantaleu, Sa Mitjana and Sa Dragonera itself, which is named for its shape, which resembles a dragon.

As the Park is based off the mainland, it can only be reached by sea. If you’re driving, you will need to park up on the mainland and take a boat trip out to Sa Dragonera Natural Park, which officially became a nature reserve after being occupied by environmental protesters in 1977. You can visit the Park year-round, with opening times ranging from 0:00 to 17:00 between 1st April and 30th September and from 10:00 to 14:30 during the rest of the year. So why should you take a trip to Sa Dragonera?

Flora and fauna

The Park is famous for its stunning, unique flora and fauna. Sa Dragonera is particularly known for its native wall lizard population, a creature that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. It also boasts the largest Eleonora’s falcon population in the Balearic Islands and a wide range of sea-faring birds, such as the Balearic shearwater, which is endemic to this archipelago.

Sa Dragonera is also home to five species of bat, some of which are migrant. The Park includes the surrounding waters, so when you head to Sa Dragonera, you can check out the Posidonia oceanic prairies, which possess a wide range of marine species and coral communities. Sa Dragonera’s flora is just as impressive as its fauna, with 361 plant species, 18 of which are native to the Balearics.

Making amazing memories

With attractions such as Sa Dragonera Natural Park, you can make amazing memories when visiting Majorca. If you’re looking for the perfect family holiday resort in the Balearics, consider Club MAC Alcudia. We provide the all-inclusive experience you need to have a fantastic getaway on a budget!

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