Five Tips For Taking Teenagers To Majorca

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Here at Club MAC Alcudia, a great holiday resort in Majorca, you’ll find fun for all the family. But if you have teenagers how will you get them to engage, when kids are notorious for being a bit awkward in their teenage years. Keep reading, to learn five tips for taking teens to Majorca!

Find good Wi-Fi

One big challenge of holidaying with teens is getting them to not feel as though they’re missing out back home. Ensure your teens can access good Wi-Fi, so they’ll be able to stay in touch with their mates. Club MAC Alcudia provides a range of internet services, from  free Wi-Fi in the ground floor areas of our hotels, to high speed Wi-Fi which you can buy at 4€ for one week or 7.50€ for two weeks!

Be firm but fair

You might have to be firm with your teens at the start. Remind them that they’re incredibly lucky to be seeing the world, so they appreciate this fantastic opportunity to explore the Balearics. When doing things as a family, you may want to let your teens pick the activity sometimes. With this approach, you’ll ensure that everyone gets their fair turn at choosing how you spend your days on holiday!

Keep them busy

Australian holiday advice site The Traveller writes that it’s best to keep teens busy on holiday. By doing this, you’ll make sure your teens won’t have time to be purposefully grumpy on holiday. Luckily for you, here at Club MAC Alcudia, we provide tonnes of entertainment for teenagers, ranging from the mind-blowing Hidropark water-park to PlayStation competitions. We can keep them busy for you!

Create hashtag moments

Meet your teenagers where they live these days: social media. Take them to see impressive cultural and historical monuments, so they have something to talk about on Twitter. By spending a day at popular sites such as the ruins of the Roman town of Pollentia, just a stone’s throw away from our resort, you’ll ensure that your teens can create hashtag moment, so they get the most out of the trip!

Go all-inclusive

Who has time to not care, when they’re eating delicious food and enjoying soft drinks? When staying at our resort, you’ll find a variety of top eateries, serving everything teenagers love, from classic Pizza and burgers to refreshing soft ice creams and exotic Chinese fare. You get the all-inclusive experience here at Club MAC Alcudia, so you and your family can enjoy this great food for free!

Teen’s dream destination

So basically, you don’t have to worry about making sure your teens have a great time in Majorca. This popular Balearic Island is the dream team getaway destination. Not only does Majorca boast amazing attractions, but with the great services here at Club MAC, your teens will never want to leave!

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