How To Get The Best Exchange Rates in Majorca

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Before arriving at Club MAC Alcudia, an outstanding family holiday resort in sun-drenched Majorca, you will have to change your Pounds into Euros. Find the best deal on exchange rates, so you have the cash needed for a fabulous getaway. Here’s how to get the best exchange rates in Majorca.

Research and plan

They key to a good holiday is planning. Research airport exchange rates now, so you can find the best deals ahead of time. If you forget to change your Pounds into Euros in Blighty don’t worry, as part of Club MAC Alcudia’s reception services, you can make the change when you arrive at our resort!

Look online

You could always buy your Euros online instead of at a Bureau de Change. We should point out that yes, the rates vary considerably, so you should be really careful when pursuing this option, but you can often source really cost effective deals online. You can also have the cash delivered to your home after buying it over the internet, but you will have to pay a small fee and sign for it.

Take credit cards

In an interview with experts, ITV advises you to take your credit cards abroad, as they often serve as the cheapest means of buying euros. We should note that some cards will charge you for spending on holiday while others won’t, so be really careful here. Pre-paid cards can be great if you don’t want to borrow money, while keeping your spending abroad firmly under control.

Research your cards

Following from the last point, it’s crucial that if plan to take credit or debit cards away, you do some research before using them in Majorca. If you fail to take this action, you could be charged by your bank for spending on holiday. We’d advise you to research the exchange rate, fees for withdrawing cash and paying on card in other countries rules for each card, to shield your bank balance.

Mix your options

It really is best to bring a mix of payment options with you, when you fly out for a fabulous family holiday in Majorca, so you’re always covered. This can include cash, credit and debit cards and travellers cheques. Cards are accepted by most shops, but you might not be able to use them while browsing the quaint markets of Alcudia, so it’s always good to have cash to hand.

Keep money safe

With these tips, you’ll have enough cash to make the most of your amazing Majorcan getaway experience. Once you have your Euros, you’ll want to keep them safe and we can lend you a helping here. Depending on your room, you can hire either a safety deposit box or a safe when visiting Club MAC Alcudia, so your holiday cash stays secure throughout your time in Majorca!

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