What Can You Eat and Drink at Club MAC Alcudia?

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Club MAC Resturant

Here at Club MAC Alcudia, we provide all-inclusive service. When you stay with us, you can visit one of our outstanding restaurants and eat some amazing cuisine for free! So what can you eat and drink while you’re spending time at Club MAC Alcudia in 2016?

Wonderful breakfasts

We believe that you should start the day off right, so at Club MAC Alcudia we provide a number of wonderful breakfast options for you to enjoy every morning. If you’re a fan of hot drinks, you can have coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even a nice relaxing chamomile tea. If you prefer juices, you can choose anything from orange to apple to even tomato juice when you break your fast with us.

Our breakfast food is every bit as varied as out drinks menu. Our cold dishes include fruits, a buffet of traditional Majorcan breakfast fare, dairy foods and various cheeses and meats. We also have hot plates with foods such as sausages, grilled tomatoes and fried eggs for you to sample. If you’re a diabetic we have a special buffet just for you and we also put out a range of different breads!

Hearty lunches

Top up your energy levels while you’re spending time at Club MAC Alcudia by trying one of our hearty lunches. If you’re looking for something light, you can find it at our resort. We always have a delicious soup of the day and you can also choose from a range of salads and side dishes such as French fries, mashed potatoes and beaded cauliflower at lunch!

Should you want more filling fare, you’ll be able to find it when you lunch at Club MAC. Our lunch menus regularly feature hearty meat dishes such as meatballs, different fish courses, various pizzas and pasta meals and more exotic cuisine like kebabs and Tex Mex. We have a special ‘kid’s corner’ menu for your children and we even roll-out specialist vegetarian options such as boiled rice, so everyone has something they’re sure to love when they take their mid-day meal with us!

Amazing dinners

You’ll get the same variety if you decide to eat dinner at Club MAC Alcudia. But we like to turn the last meal of the day into a true dining experience, so we use a range of different culinary themes for our dinner menus. On any given night, you may walk into Club MAC Alcudia’s restaurants and find anything from Tex Mex food to Hindu cuisine or even a Brazilian-themed menu!

Let’s say its Tex Mex night. You’ll be greeted with some really mouth-watering dishes like nachos, chilli con carne and roast pork ribs with BBQ sauce! But if you eat with us on Hindu night, instead you’ll find delicious fare like chicken tikka masala, lamb tandoori and aloo gobi, a potato-based side dish! We always put out kids and vegetarian options at dinner, as well as a range of delicious desserts such as egg and coconut flan on Brazilian day, to ensure everyone can find something they’ll want to eat!

First-rate cuisine

You’ll find a wide range of things to eat and drink when you dine at Club MAC Alcudia. Our themed-dinners are always a particularly hit with guests, as they get to sample a variety of dishes from around the world when they spend the last meal of the day at our resort. With so many dishes to choose from around-the-clock, you really do get the all-inclusive experience at Club MAC Alcudia!

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