How to Take Perfect Holiday Pictures

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How to Take Perfect Holiday Pictures

If you’re staying at Club MAC Alcudia in summer 2016, you may want to ensure you can document your experiences on camera, so you can treasure your time at our family holiday resort forever. Here we explain how to take perfect holiday pictures while you’re in sun-drenched Majorca!

Know your device

What are you going to use to take your pictures? Are you planning to go for an old school Kodak, a sleek digital camera or just take out your smartphone whenever you feel like taking a snap? Whichever device you use, make sure you know it inside out. For instance if you’re going to use your smartphone, look at its various camera features such as flash, filters etc. If you know your chosen camera well, you can use all its features to ensure you take amazing snaps!

Learn about flash

Average temperatures in Alcudia can climb as high as 26°C in summer and in these months, the town gets as much as 13 hours of sunshine every day. In other words with a lot of sunshine bearing down, you need to make sure that you don’t use your camera’s flash at the wrong time and make your pictures blurry. Basically the brighter it is outside, the less likely you are to need the flash!

Vary your shots

Spice up your holiday photo album by varying your shots. Let’s say you’re taking a photo of your kid enjoying a fun activity at Club MAC Alcudia. You might want to opt for a close-up so you can really capture your child’s fun getaway experience. But long-shots work better for scenery photos, as they allow you to display the full beauty of your surroundings on camera!

Take multiple pictures

If you happen to have an unsteady hand, your picture may come out blurred. You might want to think about taking the same picture a few times. That way you’re sure to end up with at least one picture that’s fit for the family holiday photo album! You might also want to try shooting the same scene from multiple angles, to ensure that you have the best holiday pictures possible!

Perfect backdrop

When you stay at Club MAC Alcudia, you’ll find that Majorca serves as the perfect backdrop for your holiday pictures. This popular tourist destination features a range of fascinating historical sites and breath-taking natural attractions that are sure to really stand out on camera. With Majorca as your getaway destination, you’re sure to take holiday pictures that you’ll treasure forever!

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